Carmen Steffens Boots! And the Contest!

Manolo says, tomorrow night, the fabulous Carmen Steffens with unveil their fall collection, which will contain these handsome boots…

Boots from Carmen Steffens

And to celebrate this auspicious event, and these beautiful shoes, Carmen Steffens is giving away the $500 shopping spree.

Hurry and register now! There is less than 24 hours remaining!

The Carmen Steffens Fall Collection Contest

Manolo says, the Manolo politely reminds you that in honor of the unveiling of their new fall collection, our friends at the Carmen Steffens are giving away the $500 shopping spree!

Look, here is something pretty from that new collection…

Sparkly Sandal from Carmen Steffens

Bold, beautiful, sparkly sandals.

Only three more days to register for the contest!


Carmen Steffens Fall Collection Contest!

Manolo say, ayyyyy! The super fantastic peoples at the Carmen Steffens are giving away the $500 shopping spree to one of the visitors to their website!

Carmen Steffens Fall Collection Give Away!

Hurry and enter for the big drawing next Thursday, August 12th.