Fashion Week: Bland is the New Black

Manolo says, it is the fahion week in the big city, and the Manolo he is the very busy man. However, many of the Manolo’s internet friends they have been doing the exemplary coverage of the shows and the clothes.

The Barney’s Girl and the Herrod’s Girl they have been analyzing several of the shows, including that of the Marc Jacobs.

Lera the Fashion Addict notes that the trends for the spring they are the beige, the empire waists, and the short shorts.

The Bunnyshop she is bored with this season. (And here the Manolo he must partly agree. Beige?)

The Fashionologie she also says that bland is the word. Although, like the Manolo, she gives the qualified props to the Project Alabama, but not to the Marc Jacobs soundtrack.

The Brittney Ancell, until she saw the spring-colored show of the Temperly she was “worried that everyone was going to be walking around in ill-fitted, neutral-hued clothing next year.”

The Girls at the Papier, they expend much energy getting into the shows, so as to be amazed by the Diane von Furstenberg.

And, finally, you must vist the Fashion Tribe, as they are podcasting the fashion shows! Even the better, if you listen to the podcasts you will see why they make the Manolo laugh with their sassy-bad-selves. Listen to them talking about the Zac Posen, and you will be swept up by their jejune enthusiasms for the fashion. They are indeed most amusing and most charming, even if the clothes this season are not.

UPDATE: The Final Fashion has many pictures of the shows, and she agrees with the Manolo that the Alexandre Herchcovitch collection is this seasons worst.

Fashion Week!

Manolo says, ayyyyy, the New York Fashion Week it is upon us!

This, of the course, is one of the many reasons why the Manolo he has not written many of the posts the past few days. The Fashion Week it is the busy time for the Manolo.

However, the Manolo he will offer the few tidbits for your delection.

If you, like the Manolo, are obsessed with the Project Runway, here is a link from the Miu Miu Von Furstenburg, that shows the pictures from the fashion show of the three finalists, along with the speculation about who the three they might be.

Here for your enjoyment is the picture of the Carolina Herrera and a table full of the super fantastic shoes of the Other Manolo.
Super Fantastic!

Finally, the Manolo he gives you the link to the website for the fashion week.