You Can’t Handle the Truth

Manolo says, Jack Nicholson wears Crocs!


Killer Heels


Manolo says, it is not often that the Manolo comes across the shoe image that is so unpleasant that he says “ick” in disgust, however, such is the case with this “Killer Heels” shoe ad.

Happily, the Manolo is not the only person who feels uneasy about this ad.

This print advertisement for promoting products of NMA attracted considerable opposition in Britain. The advertisement is showing a large black stiletto-heeled shoe, running through on the metal heel was the body of a man and the heel was in a pool of blood. The punch line of the advertisement said, ‘Killer heels by NMA’ and it was published in leading newspapers of Britain. The complainants alleged that, since the advertisement promoted and trivialized violence, particularly against men. The complaints also accused the advertisement for being offensive and sexist and unsuitable for use.

The advertisers argued that the advertisement was a visual witticism on the expression ‘Killer Heels’ and was extremely inventive to make it stand out from other fashion advertisements. They further contended that, to avoid causing offence, they had created the advertisement to appear like a cartoon by showing a heel, which was out of proportion to the size of the man and was unrealistically ‘’spearing’ the man.

Ron Paul’s Disgraceful Shoes, Redux

Manolo says, the matter of the disgraceful shoes of Ron Paul lives on, as the Ron Paul supporters have whipped themselves into the heady froth trying to defend the indefensible.

Ah, but there is push-back from the enlightened. Look, here is the D.C. Pleats telling us why Ron Paul should purchase better shoes.

Ron Paul's Horrible Shoes
There are a lot of Congressmen, businessmen, lawyers, doctors etc. who are 71 years old – and older – who dress professionally every day. I have searched a bit and not found any articles or anything else that would lead me to believe Paul has any sort of health problem in which he would need the extra comfort shoes. I did find out that he wears these sneakers everyday, which is even worse than I thought, just wearing them to a CEAFU reception. But even if he does have a medical situation in which he needs the extra support, there are plenty of manufacturers out there that make classy, well-polished and – dare I say it – comfortable shoes for men in all price ranges.

Here’s my problem, which I really feel Paul doesn’t understand: There is just a certain level of dress and professionalism associated with being in the political-public eye. And this is a completely unpartisan comment – I had issue with President Bush’s terrible outfit when he wore his Crocs and am constantly baffled by Hillary’s wardrobe – but when you are the leader of the free world, or running for that office, you need to present yourself as such. Everyone is looking to you to set the example; you are quite literally the icon of America. Now I know Bush has made quite a few political fumbles in the past six plus years, but in general, he’s dressed well while making them. He had to, he was on camera, and if Ron Paul chooses to put himself in that limelight he better act and dress the part.

And this is exactly what the Manolo (and any sensible person) would say about the clothing and the fashion.

In the fact, the Manolo has referred to this in the past as the Paradox of Not Caring

[C]laiming to not care about the clothes, to not be concerned about what one wears, is the paradox, for the clothes worn by one who claims not to care make as much the statement as those worn by one who dresses with purpose.

These inescapable facts obtain: that clothes are always necessary, and that others they will always judge us by them. These are the reasons why the Manolo he would have you dress with the purpose, to consider carefully what you would wear, and to think about the effect your clothes, and how you wear, them will have on others.

Of the course, this does not mean that you must dress to please others, nor that you should follow the lowing herd, but rather that you should be conscious of the image you are projecting.

For the example, if you wish to project the image of carefree disdain for the high fashion, be aware that your dirty t-shirt of the Oakland Raiders, torn sweat pants, and flip-flops may not be conveying that exact message, may in the stead be saying to the by passer, “Cross to the other side of the street, lest this person’s disdain for personal hygiene and grooming infect you with the parasites.”

Manolo says, the fashion, it is not the nuclear rocket brain surgery.

Ron Paul’s cheap shoes and his sloppy clothes say that he is not the serious person, that he does not care that the image he projects is of the small town, small time appliance salesman. Yes, this look is perhaps what endears him to his arm-waving and humorless supporters, but it inspires no confidence in the saner and more adult members of society.

Finally, as the example of how the change of clothes can completely alter how one regards the person, the Manolo gives you PopoZão.

P.S. From the Manolo’s internet friend Miss Janey comes this response, Honestly, when did it become desirable to look undesirable?


The Ron Paul and His Disgraceful Shoes

Manolo says, the Manolo’s internet friend Darren sends these pictures of the presidential candidate Ron Paul, and asks the question, “What would the Manolo say?

The Manolo would say, “Ayyyyyyyy!”

He would also hope that the Croc in Chief would be replaced by something better than the Wal-Mart trousers and the ratty Reeboks.


Decision to Wear Crocs Ill-Considered

Manolo says, the Robin Givhan of the Washington Post has spoken. Heed her wisdom.

Did someone say comfortable? Because this is a culture quick to justify wearing virtually anything in the name of comfort — pajama bottoms as pants, sneakers as business footwear, leggings in lieu of trousers, Uggs with miniskirts — Crocs now rival flip-flops as the most annoyingly omnipresent style of summer footwear. City streets are inundated with shuffling phalanxes of men and women with bright orange, yellow and red Bozo feet.

The shoes can look cute on children. But all those adults walking around in Crocs, going on about how comfortable they are, look like overgrown children. They are like the workday Peter Pans who carry backpacks in the city. Not grown-up leather backpacks, but the kind made of nylon with water bottles stuck inside a web of bungee cords and a canister of Bear Be Gone hanging off the side. They have mistaken their walk to the office for a climb to the summit of the Grand Tetons.

Why, oh why, must people assimilate perfectly reasonable, functional and cheeky sports attire into street clothes? Why couldn’t they keep their Crocs on the boat or in the garden?

Testify, Sister Robin, testify!

If this not enough to convince you that the Crocs are the abominations, perhaps you will listen to the Tim Gunn.

And if the combined weight of the Manolo, the Robin Givhan, and the Tim Gunn do not convince you that the Crocs should be avoided, you are perhaps beyond redemption.

P.S. Many thanks to the Manolo’s internet friends who sent him this important article.


Cuidado! Cesare Paciotti!

Giant Bow Shoes by Cesare Paciotti    Manolo Thinks Ridiculous!  Click!

Manolo says, here to make you chuckle on the Thursday are the ridiculous shoes by the Cesare Paciotti. Yes, all high heels are somewhat impractical, but these cross the line into being positively dangerous!


The Disco Scream

The Shoes That Killed Disco

Manolo says, five-and-the-half inches of mirrored ugly, and exactly the antithesis of the qualities the Manolo was praising yesterday.

P.S. Many thanks to the Manolo’s friend Lindsey, who notes that they look bad even on the model.


Impeach Him!!!

George Bush in Crocs!

Manolo says, the George Bush wears the Crocs! The Manolo is not the political person, but this is the last straw!


¡A Las Barricadas!

Manolo says, Ayyyyyyyyy! The final battle between good and evil is joined! To the barricades!

Crocs Inc., the maker of brightly hued plastic clogs, made a bold bid to expand its appeal Tuesday by unveiling a new line of women’s fashion footwear.

The introduction of the You by Crocs line of nine boots and shoes marks a departure for Crocs, which has logged meteoric sales growth from the popularity of its odd-looking, perforated shoes. The shoes — a hybrid of a sandal and a clog — are made of a plastic resin that wearers find both comfortable and light weight.Fashion Croc?  Ugly!

Among the most radical shifts for the You by Crocs line is the new arrivals’ retail price: $149 to $299 a pair. That’s far above the
$30 price on Crocs’s standard shoes
. The new line includes eight wedge-heeled models and one lifted flat, each of which features a combination of leather, suede and lambs wool. Crocs’s plastic resin occupies only the soles of the new models. The You by Crocs line will be available from retailer and online this fall.

For the past several years, the Manolo has watched the gathering storm, as one terrible shoe fad after the next has crashed upon our peaceful fashion shores.

But, this was before the arrival of the odious Crocs, whose cheap and loathsome plastic have turned millions of otherwise respectable citizens into fashion zombies, besotted by the promise of “comfort” and the sweet smell of polystyrene resin.

Now, as the Manolo had long feared and predicted, the Croc super villains, hiding in their mountainous lair in the mythical land of Niwot, have deployed their ultimate weapon, the oxymoronic “Fashion Croc”, in the hope that they will bring those who have remained free under their plastic heel.

It is not tragedy enough that the lowly plastic peasant shoe Crocs are already being worn by the misguided Wal-Mart peoples in their sweat pants and NASCAR gear?

Must we now also endure the sight of the normal peoples wearing the so-called “Fashion Croc”?

¡No Pasarán! Shouts the Manolo, “They Shall Not Pass!”

Here we must draw the line, here we must defend that which we hold sacred!

Join the Manolo in speaking out against this abomination. Do not let your friends buy these shoes, and shun anyone who dares wear them on the street. Our greatest weapon is social pressure which much be applied liberally and forcefully.

Stop the Fashion Croc! ¡A Las Barricadas!


Crikey! It’s the Croc Attack Blog!

Manolo says, this image it is taken from the Crocaccidents, the very serious blog devoted to spreading the news that the Crocs are exceedingly dangerous.

If you are of the delicate constitution, you may wish to avoid the stories and pictures at this site. Let us just say that there are many graphic accounts of the poor little children who have had their toes ripped off while wearing the Crocs.

Just say no to having your child’s toe ripped off. Just say no to the Crocs.

Via the Manolo’s internet friends at the Latest Word


The Circus Comes To Town

Manolo says, he has color coordinated the shoes and the tie with his facial hair.


The Deadly Croc!

Manolo says, the Crocs are not just the feetwear abominations, they may actually cause the death of the innocent bystanders!

A Swedish hospital wants to ban its staff from wearing Crocs plastic clogs, saying they generate static electricity that can knock out medical equipment.

Blekinge hospital in southern Sweden suspects the slip-on shoes, made by US firm Crocs Inc, are to blame for at least three incidents in which respirators and other machines malfunctioned. The mishaps caused no injuries.

Hospital spokesman Bjorn Lofqvist said staff wearing the clogs could turn into “a cloud of lighting” because of the static electricity.

So there you are, innocently lying in your oxygen tent barely hanging on to life, when the insensitive lout in the Crocs shuffles up and zaps you into the afterlife!

Manolo says, do not be the Angel of Death, do not wear the Crocs.

P.S. Many thanks to the many internet friends who emailed the Manolo this most important story.