Manolo’s Late Night Bargain: Jerome C. Rousseau Glitter Platform Pumps

Jerome C Rousseau Platform Glitter Pumps

Manolo says, here is is the little disco reward for your late night devotion to the blog of the Manolo: the glittery platform pumps from the super fantastic from Jerome C. Rousseau, which they are marked down nearly 50%!

Jerome Rousseau Glitter Platform Pumps for the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at your desk, working to increase the gross national product of your home economy, and you have decided that it amazing how little things can substantially increase the quality of your life.

For the example, the grand nabobs at your office have recently seen fit to replace the old BunnOmatic coffee pot with the new, fancy-lad, single-serving pod machine which brews the perfect cup every time. The old way was fine, as long as you poured your cup from the pot in the first three minutes after it was produced. Later than that, the coffee tasted like the sludge scooped up from the floor of your brother’s garage. And now you must admit, that it is amazing what the good coffee can do for your mood at the place of the office.

Of the course, some of this natural enthusiasm for the fruit of the brown bean has been tempered by the overly bombastic manner in which the corporate panjandrums have introduced the improvement, with grandiloquent pronouncements and frequent reminders that ImInTech Corp “cares for its family of associates.”

This would not be so troublesome, except that over the past year nearly half the “family” has been “right-sized” out of existence, this while your CEO, Mr. Amenhotep, recently spent two millions of the dollars having the seats of his private jet reupholstered in crocodile and hippo leather.

But, at least you still have the job, and the coffee tastes all the sweeter for it.

Here is something else that will undoubtedly make your working day more pleasant…

Beautiful, glittery platform pumps from the Jerome Rousseau

Jerome Rousseau Metallic Suede Sandals For the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back doing that thing…you know…that thing with the work. And here it is the first of August, and you have officially entered the doggish days of summer, when the oppressive heat and the vacations of the co-workers mean that everything is extra quiet.

You need to enliven your afternoon with some tasty fashion, such a these Metallic and Suede Sandals from the Jerome Rousseau

Jerome Rousseau Metallic and Suede Sandals


Jerome C. Rousseau Camber Ostrich Slingbacks for the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at your desk, convinced that the spring may finally be on the way.

It has been the long painful slog through this winter, what with the string of blizzards and ice storms, ice storms and blizzards, one right after the next, wearing down your resolve, and forcing you to spend several hours each week perusing the online real estate ads for the greater Phoenix-Las Vegas-Death Valley area.

“Oh, look, here’s a nice fixer upper in a place called Scotty’s Junction.”

Whenever you do this you end up wasting many of the minutes daydreaming about living the semi-retired lifestyle in the great Southwest, culminating in the thoughts which invariably feature the denim skirts and the straw cowboy hats and the turquoise, lots of the turquoise.

And then you look out the window and see that the sun is bursting through the clouds, and suddenly you feel hopeful that this winter thing, it is just the temporary phase, that perhaps it will end soon.

Look! Beautiful green shoes to celebrate the approach of spring!

Jerome C. Rousseau Camber Ostrich Slingbacks

The Camber Ostrich Slingbacks from the brilliant young Jerome C. Rousseau

Jerome Rousseau Park Glitter Platform Sandal

Jerome Rouseau Park Glitter Platform Sandal

Manolo says, here is something spectacular to make your Saturday brighter, the Park Glitter Platform Sandal in copper from “wunderkind” designer Jerome Rousseau.

Anecdote of the Tron Shoe from Disney by Edmundo Castillo

Edmundo Castillo Electroluminescent Tron Shoes

Disney placed a shoe in Saks,
And electroluminescent it was, upon the screen
It made the slovenly fanboys
Surround that screen.

The fanboys rose up to it,
And sprawled around, no longer slobs.
The shoe was shiny upon the screen
And tall and plugged into a port.

It took dominion everywhere.
The shoe was blue and fair.
It did not give of mouse or duck
Like nothing else from Disney.

P.S. The Manolo’s apologies to Wallace Stevens

P.P.S. Thirteen Ways of the Looking at the Tron Shoe from Disney by Jerome Rousseau

The Tron Disney Shoe vs. The Gehry Disney Concert Hall

Jerome Rousseau's Tron Disney ShoeFrank Gehry's Disney Concert Hall

Manolo says, because sometimes the poetry cannot express everything, the Manolo gives you the pictures.

For the Manolo, this is the remarkably original and attractive shoe, one that may, as you may see above, have had the very witty inspiration. (Although, the Jerome Rousseau does not give us any hint of this in his only published comment on the matter.)

“I didn’t want to make something gimmicky,” Rousseau remarked when we sat down with him for a sneak peek. “I wanted it to be something women wanted to wear, not just a salute to Tron—something that conveyed the mood and cool modernity of Tron without falling into a trap of a contrived design.”

The Manolo’s poetry of this morning, however, was occasioned by the almost strangely post-modern marketing confluence of the flimsy video game movie remake, the Walt Disney Company, and the high end fashion designer releasing together the artistic luxury shoe as if it were the Happy Meal prize. What better way to counter the unheimlichkeit caused by this than through the homage to Wallace Stevens?

Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Tron Shoe from Disney by Jerome Rousseau

Disney's Tron Silver Sandal by Jerome Rousseau

Among twenty thousand Public Relations brains,
The only thing moving,
Was the eye of the Manolo.

He was of three minds,
Like the cottage,
In which there are three singing dwarves.

The Disney Tron Shoe whirled in the autumn winds.
It was the small part of the merchindising pantomime.

The hype and the movie
Are one
The hype and the movie and the shoe
Are one.

The Manolo did not know which to prefer,
The beauty of the shoes
Or the audacity of the idea,
The public relations chutzpah
Or silence.

PR releases filled the computer screen
With importuning shouts.
The picture of the Tron Shoe from Disney
Crossed it, to and fro.
It’s architectural beauty
Traced on the pixels
The indecipherable cause.

O thin women of New York,
Why do you not covet these silvery shoes?
Do you see how the Tron Shoe from Disney
Walks upon the feet
Of Lindsey, Kim, and Victoria?

The Manolo knows beautiful shoes,
And designers of great ability;
But he knows, too,
That the marketing people are involved
In what he knows.

When the Tron Shoe from Disney flew into view,
It marked the edge
Of one of many promotions.

At the sight of the Tron Shoe from Disney,
Appearing in the silver light
Even the bawds of Hollywood
Would cry out sharply.

The Manolo rode over Malibu
In the glass coach.
Once, the fear pierced him,
In that he mistook
The shadow of his equipage
For the Tron Shoes from Disney.

The press agents are moving,
The Tron Shoe from Disney must be promoting.

It was evening all afternoon.
It was the blizzard of branded merchandise
And it was going to continue.
The Tron Shoe from Disney sat
In the mind of the Manolo.

P.S. The Manolo’s apologies to Wallace Stevens.

Jerome Rousseau Two-Tone Loafer Pumps for the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at your desk doing that thing that you do to earn that money that you need. Yes, working at the place of employment is not the favorite way to spend your weekdays, but it is better than the alternative, which involves living under the overpass and pushing the stolen shopping cart filled with plastic soda bottles.

Ayyy! The Manolo exaggerates. If you lose the job you will not be living under the overpass.

No, your fate will be much, much worse.

You will have to move back in with your parents!

Thus, it is better to buckle up and/or down and work hard, so as to avoid that terrible fate.

And, if you work very hard, perhaps soon, when the economy turns around, maybe in the not too distant future, before the robots take over, you can afford the beautiful shoes.

Jerome C. Rousseau Two-Tone Loafer Pumps

Shoes like this Jerome Rousseau Two-Tone Loafer Pumps.