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Sergio Rossi to Fabulous Up Your Day

Blue High Heeled Peep-Toed

Manolo says, what better way to brighten your Thursday than with the pair of the over-the-top fabulous, blue suede, gold bedecked Sergio Rossi platform sandals?

Kylie High Mignon Sandal from Loeffler Randall on the Sale

Loeffler Randall Kylie high Mignon Sandals

Manolo says, as the readers of the Manolo know, in the late winter, it is often possible to find the excellent bargains on shoes worth the wearing. For the example, this marvelous Loeffler Randall sandal, the Kylie High Mignon, is selling for nearly $300 off of the original price!

Manolo the Columnist: Layla from Beverly Feldman

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

My lovely fiance and I are getting married at our favorite tiki bar in May. I am wearing a short, toga-ish, one-shoulder white dress; my fiance will be wearing a Hawaiian shirt (and pants). I’m looking for fun, cute shoes that will look good with this dress – and that will also be comfortable for running around enjoying the wedding. Any suggestions?


Manolo says, Ayyyyy! The tiki flavored wedding at the tiki bar! It is the perfectly whimsical solution to the problem of the enormous costs of the modern ceremonies. Instead of the surf-and-the-turf sit-down meals, pu-pu platters and poi for everyone!

Of the course, such things are not without the danger. For the example, the Manolo does not fully remember his own last visit to the neighborhood tiki bar, Trader Melvins, the exotic realm of giant Styrofoam stone heads, bongo drums, and the rampant Polynesiana.

All the Manolo can say with confidence is that the evening began with the giant clam shells of Mai Tais, together with the long straws for everyone at the table, and ended many hours later with the Manolo hula dancing wildly to the sound track of Blue Hawaii.

And after that, the Manolo vowed never again to drink the rum.

Here is the Layla from the Beverly Feldman, the mid-heel sandal in silver with the South Sea pearl-type accent.

Layla from Beverly Feldman

Christian Louboutin Balota Glitter Sandals for the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you doing whatever it is you are doing on the Day of the American President, and frankly either way, you are feeling somewhat worn out.

Is it the spring yet?

This interminable winter of discontentment has been sapping you of your vital essence, and now you are in the danger of becoming the mere husk of your formerly robust and vibrant self.

What can get you through this depressing period of snow and seasonally affective disordering?


What else can lift our spirits so reliably when they are flagging?

Christian Louboutin Balota Glitter Strappy Sandals

Here is the Balota Glittery Leather Strappy Sandals from the Christian Louboutin, the sort of wonderfully luxurious shoe that would make even the darkest winter day as bright as the summer sun.

Manolo the Columnist: Isis from Pour la Victoire

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

My high school reunion is coming up, and I am in dire need of your assistance in acquiring the beautiful shoes. I was in the band, dorky and very shy back in 1991, and some classmates even made fun of my Chuck Taylors! I’m much more strong and confident now, and I’d like a gorgeous and sexy shoe to help me project these new feelings. Thank you for being so superfantastic, Manolo!


Manolo shouts, by the power of the glockenspiel and the sousaphone! Band geeks unite!

After the unprecedented success of the Glee! the Manolo is now considering writing the pilot for the dramedy based on the band geekery.

In the Manolo version, to be entitled Marching! the protagonist will be the boy who plays the tenor sax, because that is the coolest of the high school marching band instruments. (Yes, it is sort of like saying that Chief Justice John Roberts is the Tiger-Beat dreamiest of all the Supreme Court judges; the competition for the title is not stiff.)

And so, this Adonis-like saxophonist, who will also be and the student body president and the quarterback of the varsity football team (many funny scenes at halftime as he changes uniforms) will each week interact with the diverse crew of angsty teenaged musicians, who will express their complicated and angsty teenaged feelings through show-stopping flute solos and tuba concertos.

Here is the Isis from Pour la Victoire, the black evening sandals that would rock any reunion. Ayyy! And it is on the sale!

Isis from Pour la Victoire

Manolo the Columnist: Olympia Sandal from Elie Tahari

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

Can you recommend some sexy shoes for Valentines Day? Something that will make my husband of ten years sit up and take notice?


Manolo says, the Day of San Valentine’s, it approaches! And woe be to the man who does not sit up and take the notice!

The wheels of womanly justice grind exceedingly fine, and the man who fails to make proper obeisance at the shrine of romance will be doomed to have it brought up to him, yea unto the seventh generation.

Thus, the Manolo says to the men folk, unleash your inner Fabio!

No, this does not mean to grow your hair long and go about the house with your pirate shirt undone to the navel.

In the stead, it means that you must act as if you were the brutishly sensitive hero on the cover of the novel of romanticness, one who would, on the way to consensually ravish the maiden, stop off at the florist for the bouquet of roses and the extra large box of the Russell Stover’s chocolate.

Of the course, if the lady is dressed in the proper romantic novel fashion, which the Manolo would describe with the phrase “the stays on the corset are popping loose”, the man will not even notice if she is wearing the shoes.

Here is the Olympia Sandal from Elie Tahari, the shoe with the subtly romantic sexiness that will make you feel like one of Barbara Cartland’s more wanton heroines.
Olympia Sandal from Elie Tahari

Donald Pliner on the Sale

Nenet from Donald J. Pliner on SaleNenet from Donald J. Pliner on Sale

Manolo says, now is the time for the end of the season shoe bargains, for the example, there are many good deals available on the shoes of the Donald J. Pliner, such as the stiletto-heeled, ankle-strapped sandal, the Nenet, which is selling for nearly $170 off of the usual price, the savings of almost 50%!

These shoes have the grommety, rocker aesthetic that the Manolo finds most amusing, the look that would be the stylish counter-point to the platform-wearing crowd.

Fendi Colorblock Platform Sandals for the Monday

Manolo says, it is the Monday, and you are back at your office fighting the good fight, although it is difficult to concentrate on good-fighting, when you are suffering the ill effects of your neighbors, Jimmy and Joan’s Annual Super Bowl Blowout.

Each culture has hedonistic practices specific to itself. Some, like the French, are hedonistic in matters of fine wine, and elegant pastries, and the affairs with the wives of governmental ministers. Others, such as the Germans are hedonistic in matters of sausage and beer and the oom-pah music.

Unfortunately, for the Americans, the American version of hedonism is now mostly all about the nachos.

Oh, perhaps you may also include the bratwurst and the barbeque and the mass produced lager in your festival of hedonistic Super Bowl partying, but really it is all about the nachos.

The more elaborate and ridiculous the nachos, the more likely we are to judge the Super Bowl party successful.

The next day, around the water cooler, no one will talk about the how nicely your home was decorated, or how elegant the gathering was, or how charming you were as the hostess …. but if you take thirty pounds of corn chips, and smother them in the artistic checkerboard pattern of melted Velveeta, guacamole, refried beans, pico de gallo, sour cream, and hot salsa, which are then topped with ten pounds of pork carnitas, and ten pounds of buffalo chicken wings, then you will have the peoples talking.

You will have achieved the sort of American hedonistic apotheosis.

And so it was that your neighbors, Jimmy and Joan, upped the ante in the race to the achieve the most memorably hedonistic Super Bowl Party nachos. This year, to the heap of chips, wings, carnitas, Velveeta, etc, etc, Jimmy and Joan added the fence of barbequed ribs around the outside.

That crowning touch– Ribs! Barbequed! Fence! — lifted the entire celebratory pile to the nachos hall of fame.

Of the course, you could not help yourself faced with such achievement, you ate and ate, and today you are feeling not so good.

Look! Unusual platform sandals which the Manolo finds strangely attractive, in the sort of fun and intellectual way.

Colorblock Platform Slingback Sandals from Fend

The Colorblock Platform Slingback Sandals from Fendi

Manolo the Columnist: Lilly Wedge from Lilly Pulitzer

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

I make my living as a wedding photographer. I would characterize my style as less traditional and more journalistic, which means I try to blend in somewhat with the guests, and move around a lot. When the weather warms up, I’ll be doing a lot of outdoor wedding on lawns and cobblestones, so I’d like a find a good wedge heel shoe, but one that looks classy and would go with my usual outfit, a silk shantung pantsuit. Please help.


Manolo says, the wedding photographer is one of the most difficult of all creative occupations.

On the one of the hands, if you do the job well, you will be praised for properly memorializing one of happiest days in the life of the family. Your work will sit on the mantelpieces and pianos of parents, siblings, and future children for generations to come.

On the other of the hands, if you fail, you will be reviled as one of the great villains of history, alongside the Ghengis Khan, John Wilkes Booth, and the man who invented the 1040A form.

You will be blamed for marriages that go bad, and your failure to photoshop away the mustache and double-chin of the bride, or your picture of Uncle Leo plumber’s crack will be cited in divorce documents and become legend among the members of extended families. Which is why it is important to always ask for the big deposit up front.

Here is Lilly Wedge from the Lilly Pulitzer, the simple, elegant wedge heel sandal available in silver or gold.

Lilly Wedge from Lilly Pulitzer

Bernardo Sandals on the Sale

Manolo says, you are perhaps saying, “But Manolo, it is winter! The worst winter since like forever! My mailman was eaten by a yeti, so I’m not even sure I’ll get that box of emergency supplies I ordered from that nice company in Utah. And now you want me to buy sandals?”

To which the Manolo would answer, “Yes, it is bad, very bad, Yukon Cornelius bad, but the Manolo assures you that the spring will soon arrive, and you will be needing the fabulous Bernardos, which may now be purchased at the excellent prices.”

Mojo Sandals from BernardoMojo Sandal from Bernardo

The Bernardo Mojo is selling at $42 off of the usual price, the savings of more than 30%!

Matrix Sandals from BernardoMatrix Sandals from Bernardo

The Matrix Sandal from Bernardo, 30% off of the usual price.

Must Stone from BernardoMust Stone from Bernardo

And the Must Stone from Bernardo, selling for more than $70 off of the usual price!

Certainly the box of dehydrated lasagna and freeze-dried carrots will help you make it to the thaw, but would you not prefer to open the package from Zappos containing the sandals from Bernardo, handsome and practical sandals that savor of the warmth of Tuscany?

What better way to hasten the spring!

Christian Louboutin Salsbourg Strappy Sandal For the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at your desk losing the forest for the trees. But such is the nature of the modern life in which the pursuit of perceived happiness frequently results in actual and active unhappiness.

In such situations it does well for one to remember that not only do we not live in the Panglossian world of housebroken puppies and strawberry gumdrops, where everything always works out for the best, but that sadness and discontent and suffering are part of the human inheritance.

It is the small comfort.

But then, things get better or they do not. You will be happy again, or you will not. Seek solace where you can, in the writings of Epictetus, or the Psalms, or P.G. Wodehouse.

January is almost over, is it not?

Look! Beautiful shoes…

Christian Louboutin Salsbourg Metallic Leather Strappy Sandal

Salsbourg Metallic Strappy Sandals from the inimitable Christian Louboutin. Such thing of beauty go the long way to making our lives more bearable.

Manolo the Columnist: Opulence Caged Sandals by Jimmy Choo

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

Here in D.C., the past month has been one round of blizzard after the next, and frankly, I’m sick and tired of winter. Can you recommend something beautiful to cheer me up?


Manolo says, remember all the way back to the last winter, when we had the so-called Snowpocalypse Blizzard of 2010, which paralyzed the Mid-Atlantic region with thirty-feet of drifting snow and temperatures in the mid-to-low minus 80s?


That was just the playful little amuse-bouche for this winter, which has turned out to be the multi-course succession of blizzards, like the crazy Thanksgiving entré, the buffhogoatpeaturducken, which is the quail stuffed inside the chicken, stuffed inside the duck, stuffed inside the turkey, stuffed inside the peacock, stuffed inside the goat, stuffed inside the wild boar, stuffed inside the water buffalo which is then roasted over the roaring garbage fire, which you have started in the courtyard of your apartment building because the power has failed yet again.

And from the looks of things, Old Man Winter has decided to (Bam!) kick it up the notch by wrapping the water buffalo into the carcass of the wooly mammoth, which thanks to the New Ice Age, can now be taken by skillful hunters in Dupont Circle.

Here is the Opulence Caged Sandal from Jimmy Choo! So delicate, so beautiful, so spring like. And, look, they cost less than the tusks you have just harvested!

Jimmy Choo Opulence Caged Sandal

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