Manolo for the Beauty!

Manolo says, please allow the Manolo to introduce to you the latest addition to the Manolosphere: the blog edited by our good friend Glinda, and devoted to helping you look your best through the beatifying arts, it is : Manolo for the Beauty!

Crafty Manolo

Manolo says, please welcome the new blog to the Manolosphere: Crafty Manolo!

Happy Anniversary! Six Years of the Manolo’s Shoe Blog!

Manolo says, it was six years ago this very day that the Manolo first began his humble shoeblogging. Who could have imagined in 2004, that the Manolo would still be here, feets firmly planted in the interwebs, still sharing his love of shoes with the world?Gucci Boots, Fall 2004

Back in the day, lo these many years ago, there were precious few blogs devoted to matters fashion, and none which considered the beauty and import of the shoes. Hence, the decision of the Manolo to start his shoe blog and to bring the small bit of joy to others.

What is most remarkable about this, however, is that by the end of the first year after the Manolo started, it was apparent that the world had changed, and that the relationship between the fashion hierarchy and the media and the consumers had been fundamentally upended. And now, with the rise and triumph of the fashion blogs, we have entered the period when fashion and fashion reportage has been democratized, when any aspiring designer and any new blogger can, through hard work, talent, and the savvy sense of theater gain attention for her efforts.
Prada Pumps, Fall 2004
Of the course, the Manolo is delighted to have played the small, miniscule part in this revolution, as the fashion blogosphere’s greatest lover and promoter of the shoes, and as it’s reigning clown prince, ridiculous in his majesty.

Naturally, the Manolo could not have succeeded as well as he has without the help of his fellow Manolosphere bloggers, Christa, Twistie, Miss Plumcake, Mr. Henry, Glinda and the Raincoaster. All of these peoples, together with the other friends who have helped in the past, are amazing writers, and amazing peoples who have the Manolo’s unending gratitude.
Pucci Pumps, Fall 2004
The biggest share of the gratitude, however, goes to you, dear reading friend, for your kindness, your generosity, your indulgence , your intelligence, and your attention. Without you, the Manolo would be nothing more than the tiny voice echoing into the darkness. But, with you, the Manolo has blossomed and flourished, like the flower watered with the distilled essence of love. And for that, the Manolo thanks you the thousand times the thousand. You are indeed, most super fantastic!

P.S. The Manolo adorned this post with three of the shoes he recommended in that first month, October of 2004. From the top to the bottom, Gucci boots, Prada golden pumps, Pucci!

Ask Auntie Plumcake

Manolo says, Ask Auntie Plumcake, in which the Manolosphere’s own agony aunt answers questions from the lovelorn.

Elsewhere in the Manolosphere

Manolo says, the past three weeks have been busy for the Manolo, however that does not mean that our internet friends have also been idle, for indeed they have not. And so, the Manolo now presents the few choice Manolospheric links for your enjoyment.

Mr. Henry on the trilby

The look says, “I don’t wear this hat because I need to cover my head like some old bald guy (although in truth my hair is a fresh-out-of-bed mess). This hat radiates insouciance and cool. It advertises that I am in the know and am self-confident enough to be sartorially ironic.

Katie R. writes about the special jelly

With names straight from Hogwarts, the pair Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, are famous for their wild food related adventures, having previously create a jelly shaped like St. Paul’s Cathedral, a futurist aerobanquet, and scratch-and-sniff cinema, have now created a series of jams infused with “powerful artifacts.”

Miss Plumcake, writing what the Manolo thought was the mostly innocuous article, inadvertently launches the Great Nude Shoe Wars of 2010.

This is what I call a First Lady Shoe (and I’m charmed by the “film” treatment of the bow.) It doesn’t look like much on the screen, but you’ll find yourself reaching for these again and again for years and as long as they’re in season, they’ll be in style.

Christa Terry gives us pictures of strange buildings!

I’ve often commented on how strange my house is – mostly because someone in the past did a lot of shoddy DIY – but it’s not strange at all compared to these strange buildings:

Glinda the Good on telling time.

Even though telling time on a clock face is second nature to me, my son has grown up with a distinct lack of them. There might be a few scattered here and there in his life, such as at the library, but not enough to make any impact upon him. He doesn’t even have one in his classroom.

Raincoaster on Giselle Budchen.

Congratulations, that is true contrarian fashion genius.

Our darling Twistie writing about 17 years of the wedded blissfulness.

Sometimes happily ever after does sort of happen.

Mr. Henry Moves to Manolo for the Men!

Manolo says, big doings this week in the Manolosphere, our friend Mr. Henry, having announced that he is no longer hungry, has moved from the Manolo’s Food Blog to the Manolo for the Men, where he will now dispense manly, man-based man advice for all who have eyes to read.

And, what better way to be begin, than with the basics: Tying the Right Knot.

Happy Anniversary! Five Years of the Manolo’s Shoe Blog!!

Manolo says, who could have imagined that five years ago today, when the Manolo made his first post, that he would still be here, still attempting to bring the beauty of shoes to his many and diverse friends.

In 2004, when the Manolo began his shoeblogging odyssey, there were very few other fashion blogs to be found on the interweb, and now as the Manolo once had hoped, there are dozens of shoe blogs and thousands of fashion blogs from all sorts of people, blogging from all sorts of perspectives.

This is perhaps the most amazing thing of all, that fashion reportage and criticism has become thoroughly democratized, just as the Manolo had predicted it would many years ago.

Naturally, the Manolo is bursting with pride that he has played the small tiny part in the development of the fashion blogosphere, as it’s greatest appreciator of shoes, and ridiculous clown prince. Although, much of the credit for the success of the Manolo must go to those talented peoples who have elected to help the Manolo fill the Manolosphere with writing: Never teh Bride and Twistie at the Manolo for the Brides and Manolo for the Home, Raincoaster and Spirit Fingers at Ayyyy!, Isidore Gallant at Manolo for the Men, Mr. Henry at the Manolo’s Food Blog, Glinda at the Teeny Manolo, Plumcake and Francesca at the Manolo for the Big Girl and Diable and Diablesse at the Spanish language site, Manolo Moda. All of these peoples are beyond wonderful and deserve the Manolo’s undying gratitude.

The greatest measure of thanks, however, must be given to you, the wonderful, generous, kind, indulgent, intelligent readers who have made every bit of the Manolo’s success possible.

It would be impossible for the Manolo to repay the debt of gratitude he owes to you. You have literally changed his life for the better, and for that, and for the thousand other kindnesses, the Manolo thanks you. You are most certainly, and without the single doubt, super fantastic!

The Return of the Prodigal

Manolo says, it is Tuesday, and the Manolo has returned from his most recent Patagonian adventure, more or less in the single piece. Sadly, the Manolo’s beloved MacBook did not fare so well, as the glass of mineral water was poured into it, with the predictably hilarious results.

Unfortunately for the readers of the Manolosphere, this accident and the Manolo’s travel to remote and unwired regions of the world, coincided with the acting up of the Manolo’s internet servers. Because of these circumstances the Manolo was unable to adequately address the server problems, and thus you may not have been able to see this site or the others for the better part of last week.

Please accept the Manolo’s apologies for this difficulty.

Happily, the Manolo has now returned to Buenos Aires and next week the Manolo returns to America for at least the next several months.

The Manolo Week in Review

Manolo says, here is the best of the week from the Manolosphere.

Spirit Fingers…

Who wore it better?


I wish to make it clear that I have nothing whatsoever against Jayden personally. I’m sure he’s a fine young man. I even have nothing against Britney, who is, after all, called Britney, and who could hardly be expected to name her offspring after the more popular 4th Century BC philosophers.


The Big Question: Who is the Fantasy You?


Quiero hacer uso de este espacio para denunciar a la peor enemiga de Julieta Venegas: su estilista personal.

Mr. Henry…

Chefs are cantankerous. Why then, in the name of pleasure, in the name of all that promotes good digestion, should chefs conduct their bloody rites in front of you? Although watching chefs at work can be instructive, restaurants are not cooking classes.


I give you Cayetano Ordonez, top matador, Armani model and one hot piece of azucar. AND HE HAS A BROTHER. Who fought off –WITH HIS BARE HANDS– a bull that was attacking Cayetano.


Pero hoy les hablo de los zapatos de YSL, de una altura normal, pero quiero saber ¿que les parece andar con un prototipo de zapato por la calle? me explico…un zapato se dibuja, luego se “pasa” toda esa información al ordenador de turno y se ve algo así al comienzo del diseño final de un zapato.


Es como la mujer perfecta que siempre tiene el atuendo perfecto para el momento perfecto. Sin embargo, me pregunto si el hecho de ser tan maravillosamente inmaculada, afecta la consideración que se le debe como referencia de estilo.


Let’s read their lovely description: “Featuring a dress with sexy lace-up bodice…” Yes, that’s exactly the look I want for my twelve year old.

Never teh Bride…

An acquaintance of mine recently announced that she has completed all of her holiday shopping. When I picked my jaw up off the floor, all I could do was nod mutely.


While many of us think about it more at Halloween than at other times of the year, the Goth subculture is with us always. And of course where you have a subculture, you have people marrying in it.

The Fourth Anniversary of the Manolo’s Shoe Blog

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Manolo says, it is hard to believe but, on this very day four years ago the Manolo began his humble shoe blog.

At that time, there were hardly any other fashion blogs on the web, and now, four years later, there are dozens, and scores, and hundreds, and perhaps thousands of the fashion blogs, many of which are devoted entirely, or in part, to those most marvelous of accessories, the shoes.

And the Manolo is so happy to have played his small, tiny part in the development of the blogosphere, and likewise, so proud of his little corner of joyfulness and shoes.

Still, the Manolo is naturally much prouder of the wonderful and talented peoples who have elected to help the Manolo write the various blogs which compose the Manolosphere: Never teh Bride at the Manolo for the Brides and Manolo for the Home, Izzy Gallant at the Manolo for the Men, Spirit Fingers at Ayyyy!, Mr. Henry at the Manolo’s Food Blog, Raincoaster and Glinda at the Teeny Manolo, Plumcake and Francesca at the Manolo for the Big Girl, with Twistie writing on the weekends, and now blogging wonderfully in the Spanish language, Diable, Diablese, and Patri at the Manolo Moda blog.

The Manolo remains convinced that there is no group of bloggers anywhere who are as consistently entertaining, or as wonderfully funny, as these amazing peoples. That they have chosen to share their talent through the medium of the Manolo’s blogs is counted by the Manolo as being among the greatest honors of his life.

Of the course, the greatest of all the meager honors accumulated by the Manolo, are the affection, attention, and generosity of the readers who visit this space, and who, more than anything else, have made this blog the success that it is.

The Manolo cannot possibly repay this debt of kindness, he cannot possibly tell each of his readers how much this has meant to him. All he can do is say to them, and to you, thank you, the thousand times, thank you.

You are indeed most super fantastic!


The Manolo Week in Review

Manolo says, here is the best of the week from the Manolosphere.


To celebrate the first of what I’m sure will be many times I’m turning 29 I am going to wear head-to-toe French designers, eat as much chocolate mousse as I can decently shove down my gullet and then buy myself a new carré foulard because if I’m going to die old and alone with my dessicated ovaries rattling around in my abdomen like maracas, I’m damn well going to do it in Hermès.

Spirit Fingers…

Jessica Biel, languishing backstage…

Mr. Henry…

Ensure may well be parody-proof, but its use in hospitals is positive proof of the commercial might of America’s corn and soy agro-industrial complex. To Mrs. Henry, and to anyone who eats a sensible diet, Ensure tastes like poison. Why can’t hospitals figure this out?


Chicos con los calores que hay a estas alturas del mes de Julio, ¿creen que podrán esperar al Verano del 2009, para calzar estos Hermès? Yo desde luego si fuera ustedes, no, no podría esperar.


Francesca promised to bring you more work-appropriate, sleeved cotton shirts, and since she is not like the man who says “I will call you,” she is actually fulfilling her promise.


This upset the little boy, who was whining and hitting people’s hands away from the water and the buttons. He was easily six, if not older, so should have known a bit better than to do that.


Now, nobody here is asserting on the record that breeding is more lucrative than releasing a new album.


El otoño es la estación de los cuadros y de las niñas hermosas que dominan el mundo. Stefano Gabbana y Domenico Dolce transforman la dureza de un androide despiadado en belleza que duele mirar. La fórmula continúa en el mismo sendero de otras temporadas, sin embargo, hoy captura un aire distinguido que la hace mucho más seductora.

Never teh Bride…

If you’re thinking of following in our footsteps, I recommend a change in perspective. It’s not a weed; it’s broad-leafed ground cover! That’s not a nasty old dandelion; it’s a pretty flower here to brighten your day and bring bees to your neighborhood!


Wedding vows. These are the words that bind a couple in marriage. Some couples take comfort and inspiration in repeating the same words their faith has been using for generations upon generations. Others prefer to strike out on their own to create something uniquely personal.

Isisdore Gallant…

A shy-looking Christopher Bailey, the creative force behind Burberry Prorsum, demonstrates a major design flaw in all jeans:


Con el único afán de convertirse en auténticas estrellas del chic system mundial, varias estrellitas (estrelladas) han intentado a últimas fechas hacerse de piezas de runway para ‘deslumbrar’. Y en efecto lo han logrado.

The Manolo Week in Review

Manolo says, here is the best of the week from the Manolosphere.


I am of the opinion that we are doing our children a disservice by the constant bombardment of activities we deem important to their development. Classes, endless playdates, daycamps, and even daycare deliver large amounts of stimulation. An overstimulated child is not a happy child.

Spirit Fingers…

And when you’ve finished with that, see if you can figure out from below who is less than thrilled to be sharing the limelight with a bunch of minor talents.

Isidore Gallant…

In the modern era, Arthur Ashe epitomized the old ideal, while John McEnroe represented all that was rotten. Sartorially at least, Nadal rejects the gentlemanly tradition.


Convince myboyfriendTheArchbishopofCanterbury to force the entire Anglican Communion to eschew boring old purple for the weeks preceding Christmas and wear instead head-to-toe elaphe snake skin


Hoy seré muy visual. ¿Alguien sabría decirme que hay de parecido en estos Dries Van Noten, Gaultier, Louis Vuitton? He dicho parecido, no igual.

Mr. Henry…

Mr. Henry is no pasty man. He takes little pleasure in the genre of savory pies.


There may, indeed, be those paragons of childish virtue who can sit still through a twelve-course formal dinner happily chowing down on fois gras and fanciful eggplant dishes while wearing perfectly unwrinkled tafetta gowns directly after a full nuptual mass and three hours of formal photographs…but let’s not kid ourselves that this is standard.

Never teh Bride…

Tastes may change, but I’m not surprised that many of these hated buildings are boxy, gray, and otherwise extremely drab.


Un día como hoy pero de 1970 nació uno de los cantantes más polifacéticos de los últimos tiempos y una auténtica gloria de la música angelina: Beck.


While rushing to an appointment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Francesca noticed a little boutique with clothing for the Big Girl, but was too rushed to write down its name for further research, and now forgets…


La mezcla de colores es un obligado matutino.


Now, any fool knows this is completely impractical. You can’t shoot a sawed-off shotgun with one hand! Put the knife down, fool!