He Loves the Shoes!

Manolo says, the Daniel Day Lewis Loves the Shoes!

Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis is putting his heart and sole into a new passion — shoemaking!

The 42-year-old star of “My Left Foot” has taken a summer vacation from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to get down and dirty in an Italian cobbler’s shop.

“Daniel is a man with a wide variety of interests outside acting,” said a source in Florence, where Day-Lewis discovered his new pastime.

“He likes to see how other people live, how they work. Plus, it’s valuable to him as an actor. His new hobby seems to be a case of ‘If the shoe fits, wear it!'”

The London-born actor, his wife Rebecca and their year-old son arrived in Florence in late May to spend the summer.

He was already acquainted with master craftsman Stefano Bemer, whose handmade shoes start at $500.

“They met last winter when Daniel’s shoemaker in London sent him over for a personal fitting,” said the source.

“The art of shoemaking fascinated Daniel, so he asked Bemer to teach him the skills of cutting, shaping, gluing, nailing and fitting shoes.”

A Florentine woman who’s watched “The Last of the Mohicans” star at Bemer’s shop told The ENQUIRER:

“His wife told me how happy he is going to the factory. He spends hours there working at a bench. “It’s a little strange for a Hollywood star, but he seems to be enjoying himself. And if he wants to do a movie about it, he could call it “The Last of the Moccasins.” — Bennet Bolton