Stuff of Legends Emporium is going out of business! All of our inventory must go! This Saturday from 9 A.M. until 6 P.M., come check out our Once in a Lifetime Prices on Legendary Merchandise, including Mercury’s Winged Sandals and Cat in Boot’s boots!

Girls, looking for those perfect prom shoes? You’ll be the belle of the ball in Cinderella’s™ Ballroom Slippers (size 5 only) or Dorothy’s Ruby Tap Shoes (heel click magic sold separately). If you’re more the sporting type, try out Atalanta’s track shoes—guaranteed to make the guys come running!

Moms—looking for extra storage space? Consider the Habitat Shoe. Originally created by the Old Woman who had so many children she didn’t know what to do, we are pleased to offer several models of the Habitat (cathedral ceiling, granite countertops extra). Please see our in-store representative for quotes on these unique and stylish dwellings!

Stuff of Legends Emporium Going Out of Business Sale! Remember, “For want of a shoe, the horse was lost…” Don’t miss it!!!


Submitted by Christine Stone of Marietta, Georgia.

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