Purchasing shoes is one of my life’s lovely pleasures, because no matter how
I appear from the ankles up, my shoe size always stays a quite presentable 8
½. My theory: “If your shoes are beautiful, who will bother to look at your
hips?” With more lasting results than chocolate, a bad day, a good day, a
boring day, a dateless Saturday or, well, any day could be made better with
the acquisition of a pair of super-fantastic shoes.

When I turned 39, I met the man of my dreams. Finally! Soon there was a
wedding to plan and I knew instinctively this special day would require a
very special shoe.

I met them while wandering through a store that was completely out of my
financial league. Still, without prejudice, from across the shoe
department, they called to me. I gingerly approached them. Circling the
display table, transfixed, I picked them up and fondled them. They were
elegant silver Badgley Mischka sling backs; a shoe to transform the wearer
into Cinderella at the ball (yet low enough so that she did not tower over
her Prince Charming.) They captured my heart as surely as he did.

I imagined them walking me down the aisle. I turned them over.

I gasped! They cost more than my car payment!

Crestfallen, I left the store, but came back a week later just to visit
them. Again, I left, my heart pounding. The next day I was back — with my
best friend.

Wisely, she considered my distress and perused the object of my desire. She
looked at me and said what only a maid of honor could: “If they approve
your credit, you’re not leaving without them.”

They did. So I did.

And we lived happily ever after. My husband and I, too!


Submitted by Brenda Viola of Springfield, Pennsylvania.

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