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Manolo's Shoe Blog: Shoes, Fashion, Celebrity, and Manolo! - Part 21

Washed Out = Washed Up

Manolo says, the other day, on the Facebook, the Manolo was complaining about the samey-sameness of most of the stylebloggers.

The Manolo must have looked at 20,000 style blogs over the past few days, some of them exceedingly popular, and all of them featuring the same clothes, the same poses, the same washed-out, overexposed style of photography.

Time for the change!

The Manolo decrees: the washed-out style photos are all washed up. Color is the new black!

Out = Identical style bloggers all obsessed with being part of the in crowd
In = Crazy girls who throw on the clothes they love and dare you to criticize them!

Above all else, what agitated the Manolo was the ubiquity of the washed-out, vintage-looking photos, photos that use the Instagram filter to excess, in every possible case.

To which the Manolo says, Death to the Instagram filter!

Happily, however, the trend appears to be abating. How does the Manolo know this? The latest Madonna video, “Turn Up The Radio,” …

P.S. No need to watch the entire tiresome affair. You will get the idea after the first ten seconds: Madonna suffers from soul-wrenching ennui, which she cures with random casual sex and bad pop music played loudly.

Vara Patent Kitten Heels from Ferragamo for the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday, the first day of the new week of laboring, and already you are less than gruntled with your coworkers, one of whom is the unknown sneak-thief, the others of whom do not take the on-going threat of sneak-thievery seriously.

Earlier, when you took your mid-morning break, you discovered that someone had purloined your fruit-on-the-bottom yoghurt from the refrigerator in the break room. Normally, such things would roll off your back as the water does from the duck boots, but this, outrageously, was the third time in the past month that something similar has happened. First it was the crackers from the Trader Joes, you know the ones with the rosemary and raisins, and then, two weeks ago, it was (do not laugh) your stapler which disappeared from your desk and has yet to resurface.

Unfortunately, the few minutes ago, when you expressed your outrage to your best office pal, Julia, her reply was less than helpful.

“Forget it, it’s Chinatown,” she said.

Which, while true, did not assuage your burning ire. You had clearly placed the sticky note with your name written on it, on that cherry yoghurt. And so, when you went to have your little snack the few minutes ago, and discovered no yoghurt and the note stuck to the jar of ancient pickle relish (which office archeology has dated to the early Rummelkin Dynasty), you almost blew the gasket.

Your brief investigation in the break room turned up no evidence of foul play, no empty yoghurt carton in the trash can, no cherry bestained spoons in the sink.

This has only strengthened your desire to solve this heinous crime, to crack this case wide open and bring the unknown perp to justice. Indeed, your head is filled with the million-billion plans for exacting revenge, each more improbable and offensive than the last, each more likely to result in your summary dismissal from employment.

Manolo says, what is needed now is to take the little breath, calm down, relax.

So, hunger impelled one of your coworkers to take your yoghurt.

If any of them had asked, would you not have given that yoghurt to even the worst of them? Consider it the act of laudable generosity, and console yourself with shoes!

Vara Patent Leather Kitten Heel Bow Pump from Salvatore Ferragamo

Here is the Vara Patent Leather Kitten Heel Pump from Salvatore Ferragamo, the perfect example of its type; the Platonic, red kitten heel of your dreams.

Who has time for trivial things like missing yoghurt when such shoes exist!

Things that Make the Manolo Laugh: Lessons in Acting

Lessons in Acting - Astonishment

Manolo says, the Manolo loves this 19th century work, described as the “Worst (and possibly funniest) book on acting ever written.

Lessons in Acting was first published in 1889 by Albert Webster Edgerly, under his customary pen-name, “Edmund Shaftesbury”. It’s an attempt to teach acting by someone hopelessly unqualified for the task. And it’s hilarious.

And indeed it is most hilarious…

RULE 31—Passionate kissing. This should never be hurried, unless many repetitions are given. The lover puts his arm (the arm nearest the lady), about her shoulders, obliquely down the back and under her arm a little higher than the waist. His other arm encircles her waist. Her hand (the one farthest from him) is about his neck. Her head falls back upon his shoulder, the face being upturned to his, and the mouth ready. If the love and passion are REAL, he does not kiss often, but long. He approaches her rosy lips with gentleness, yet firmness, and the kiss has no force of contact but pressure in its continuance. It is not necessary to practice this much.

And the illustrations are delightful.
Lessons in Acting - Flattery
More of these marvelously ridiculous lessons may be sampled at the website devoted to the book.

Shoemaker Saturday: Louis Vuitton

Manolo says, as always, to the lover of the shoes (and perhaps even to the non-lover) these videos are entrancing.

Louis Vuitton Infinity Lace-up Toe-Cap
Louis Vuitton Diploma Lace-up Wingtip

Web Snob Links

Manolo says, here are the few links from the Manolo’s Web Snob friends…

Second City Style noticed the designers who built collections around dynamic sources of vintage inspiration in Putting The Retro Back In Resort.

Stiletto Jungle counts down the 5 best natural SPF moisturizers for summer.

Allie is Wired takes a look at Lady Gaga’s Pinterest-lookalike social network fan site.

StyleBakery shops for bold summer jewelry under $50

The Beauty Stop spotlights Jacky O’Shaughnessy, American Apparel’s new 61-year-old model.

Tabitha Simmons Embroidered Ankle-Strap Platform

Tabitha Simmons Embroidered Ankle-Strap Platform Sandal

Manolo says, the Manolo loves this platform sandal from the brilliant Tabitha Stevens for its playful details and bold shape. But he recognizes that it is perhaps not for everyone, thus the question: Would you wear it?

Manolo the Columnist: Gracie from Sam Edelman

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

Gaah, the summer is already half over and I need a pair of flat sandals for the home stretch, something not too expensive, because in a few weeks I’ll have to be back in real shoes. Suggest something cool.


Manolo says, ayyy! Old time is still a-flying, and that same summer that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying!

One minute (60 second ago) we were complaining about how super-oppressive-humid-nasty hot it was, and the next we are planning for the imminent end of the summer season and our return to the cooler weather, and shorter days of the fall. As the Manolo always counsels, if you do not like weather today, wait several months and it will be different (unless you live in the Hawaii, in which case, carry on.)

In the meantime, while we wait for the end of the Summer-mageddon 2012, featuring the unexpected delights of “The Derecho”, we will require sandals in which to walk around in, so that our toes may frolic in the open air, as they did in the Garden of Eden. (Yes, it is true, the saddest day of all, was when the teeny Maniolo learned that angels wear no shoes; they do not need them, floating about barefeeted, exactly as Adam and Eve were before they ate the apple. To which the little Manolo could only say, hooray for sin!)

Here is the Gracie from the Sam Edelman, the reasonably priced, fun sandal that will look good on your feets, and not leave you bankrupted and living under the bridge in Bethesda. The Manolo is partial to the nude leopard finish, but the shoe is also available in seven other colors, one of which will suit your fickle fancy.

Gracie from Sam Edelman in Nude Leopard

Whose Shoes Wednesday… The Answer!

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Diane Keaton Shoes

Manolo answers, it is the Diane Keaton!

Sadly, none of the Manolo’s internet friends was able to correctly identify this week’s lovely and stylish personage of note.

The Fun Never Stops at the Playboy Mansion

Manolo says, the twitter stylings of the Ancient Mariner of Lust, Hugh Hefner


Ebrius, ecce, senex pando Silenus asello
Vix sedet, et pressas continet ante iubas.
Dum sequitur Bacchas, Bacchae fugiuntque petuntque
Quadrupedem ferula dum malus urget eques,
In caput aurito cecidit delapsus asello:
Clamarunt satyri ‘surge age, surge, pater.’

Things that Manolo the Manolo Laugh: Bright Nude Illusion Gown from Paula Raia

Paula Raia Bright Nude Illusion Gown

Nutley High School, Class of 2012: Voted Most Likely to Be Mob Goomah

Manolo says, to be more specific, the $5,000, orange-colored, hoochie-mama prom dress of your nightmares. Presumably, the “illusion” in the name of the dress is the reference to the belief on the part of the wearer that she is the person of stylishness.

Unobtanium: Hoss Intropia Laser Cut Ballet Slippers

Hoss Laser Cut Ballet SlipperHoss Laser Cut Ballet Slipper

Manolo says, ou sont les Hoss Laser Cut Ballet Slippers d’antan?

Some of the saddest words known to the human tongues are “sold out”, and such is the case with this utterly charming, delicately wrought flats from the Hoss Intropia, which arrived last year and somehow were missed by the Manolo. They are now, as far as the Manolo can tell, unavailable anywhere.

And, thus, we are taught the important lesson about human desire

Manolo’s Late Night Bargain: Rosana from Mark & James by Badgley Mischka

Rosana from Mark & James by Badgley Mischka

Manolo says here is the fun, chunky wedge sandal from Mark & James by Badgley Mischka that kicks it bargain style, on the sale, reduced 50% off of the usual price.