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Shoemaker Saturday: Suzanne George Shoes

Manolo says, in San Francisco, at Suzanne George Shoes.

Manolo’s Late Night Bargain: Cole Haan Air Ryder Driver

Cole Haan Air Ryder Driver Ox in CigarCole Haan Air Ryder Driver Ox in Olive

Manolo says, Manolo, what about the gentlemen, do they not also deserve the late night bargain?

To which the Manolo replies, yes, and here it is, the Air Ryder Driver from Cole Haan, the casual driving shoe that has both the comfort and the style in mind. This is something more sophisticated than the New Balance sneakers that are your man’s habitual casual wear, and selling at nearly 65% off of the usual price, you will be the smartest of smarty-smart shoppers.

Web Snob Friday

Manolo says, here are the few links from the Manolo’s Web Snob friends.

Stiletto Jungle has 8 smart work fashion tips for new grads, from what to wear to where to buy it.

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves are expecting baby number three. Allie is Wired has the details.

BagSnob adores Mark Cross for their timelessly elegant sensibility, rich history (which involves a classic movie star following), and emphasis on structure. No matter what your age is the Mark Cross Scottie Wristlet can be for you!

BeautySnob shows you how appear effortless and elegant, just like Emma Stone on the red carpet!

Coquette shows off the stylish sneakers from Converse’s new collaboration with Marimekko.

The Jet Set Girls take a sneak peek at Nars Falls 2012 Collection

Just because you’re on summer vacation, it doesn’t mean your style is on a break too! Second City Style shares Finds On A Dime: Summer Kicks That Beat The Heat.

Check out Emma Roberts’s beauty must-haves on The Beauty Stop.

Miuccia is Our Muse

Miuccia Prada Emerging at End of ShowMiuccia Prada BackstageMiuccia Prada At The End of Show

Manolo says, Ayyyyy! Cutest ever!

Remember When Backgammon was Hip?

Hugh Hefner's Corpse Clings to Body of Nurse

The Undead by Viagra (some side effects)

Manolo says, neither does she, Gramps.

P.S. Senex Amator.

Manolo the Columnist: Frye 12 R W Engineer Boots

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

Yesterday, after five days of Derecho-induced darkness, the power in my neighborhood was finally restored. The first thing I did, after turning on the air conditioner, was boot up my computer, check my email, and look at your blog. My question is, after spending almost a week without power, what sort of shoes would you recommend for societal collapse?


Manolo says, that is easy! Whatever you can loot from the burned out shell of Neiman Marcus!

In the post-apocalyptic future, the Manolo expects the survivors to be exceedingly well-shod for the first few years, after which, we will have to make do with old Birkenstocks and burlap bags. It will be like living in the Middle Ages again, only without the benefit of people who are handy with tools.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, much more likely than total collapse will be the sort of disaster that will cause localized damage, short-term panic, and disruption for the few days or weeks. Things like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornados, unexpected visits from Lindsay Lohan.

For this you will need to have the pair of kick-butt boots to protect your feets as you go about your business of rebuilding your neighborhood. (And, if the worst should happen, you need something to help you crawl over the burning wreckage to get at the Neiman Marcus shoe department.)

Here is are the classic Frye 12 R W Engineer Boots, the perfect thing to wear with your post-apocalypse, Mad-Max shoulder pads and leathers.

Frye 12RW Engineer Boots, Perfect Post-Disaster Boots

Manolo’s Late Night Bargain: Air Tali JWL Thong

Cole Haan Air Tali JWL Flat Thong SandalCole Haan Air Tali JWL Flat Thong Sandal in White Gold

Manolo says, it is no secret that the Manolo is the fan of the comfort and practical stylishness of the Cole Haan Air line of shoes and sandals. And so when he saw that this flat, summery sandal, the Air Tali JWL Thong was on the sale, he had to absolutely recommend it to his many internet friends.

On the sale? Yes. Available in the black, white gold, and the Manolo’s favorite, the gunsmoke metallic, it is 65% off of the usual price! The deal almost too good to pass up.

Manolo’s Thursday Miscellany

Manolo says, here are the few things which may intrigue…

Writing frumpy, lumpy prose is the equivalent of showing up on a first date with unwashed hair and dirty clothes, and then talking about yourself in a way that leaves the other person looking at her watch and remembering she has to do laundry.
For my part, I consider the state of the bride’s hymen to fall firmly into the ‘none of my business, so please don’t share with me’ category.
Vintage in Museum Archives & from Couture Auction Houses

Photo from The Worst Wedding You’ve Ever Attended

Wintour and Lagerfeld, Scaring the Horses.

Death Takes a Wife

Manolo says, the aged bride wore white, the groom ate your soul.

Cinderella. Louboutin. Cinderella by Louboutin!

Cinderella by Louboutin!

Manolo says, Ayyyyyy! Finally, the fairy tale has come true!

The Average Cosmopolitan Subscriber

Cosmo, July 2012. It is like the trainwreck, the Manolo cannot turn away.

Trainwreck, 2012.

Manolo says, the Manolo, who is increasingly becoming the cranky old man, made the mistake the few months back of subscribing to the twitter feed of the Cosmopolitan magazine. (It is like the train wreck. The Manolo cannot turn away.)

Since that time, under the near constant barrage of dumb, puerile, misguided tweets from the editors, the Manolo has begun to formulate the few theories about the new Cosmo Girl, or more properly, who it is that might be subscribing to this Cosmopolitan-sized disaster.


The average Cosmopolitan subscriber buys all of her underwear at Victoria’s Secret and all of her books at Wal-Mart.

The average Cosmopolitan subscriber knows who Channing Tatum is, but has never heard of Marie Curie.

The average Cosmopolitan subscriber believes that, somehow, sexting is her ticket to fame and fortune.

The average Cosmopolitan subscriber can’t do long division but knows 15 ways to use baby oil to please the random male found at the sports bar.

The average Cosmopolitan subscriber thinks Lindsay Lohan is the role model for empowered women.

The average Cosmopolitan subscriber skipped over all the big words in Fifty Shades of Gray.

The average Cosmopolitan subscriber dots all her “i’s” with smiley-faces and draws all her “u’s” in shape of vulvas.

The average Cosmopolitan subscriber thinks straight men actually read Cosmo for Men.

Cosmo for Men, Korea.  Our honored ancestors weep.

Cosmo for Men, Korea. Our honored ancestors weep.

P.S. Many thanks to the Manolo’s friend, the Stella, for finding the Cosmo for Men cover.