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Manolo's Shoe Blog: Shoes, Fashion, Celebrity, and Manolo! - Part 29

Amphirite from Ancient Greek Sandals

Manolo says, from Sappho.
Amphirite from Ancient Greek Sandals

And their feet move
rhythmically, as tender
feet of Cretan girls
danced once around an

altar of love, crushing
a circle in the soft
smooth flowering grass

The Amphitrite from Ancient Greek Sandals, would look good with the white jeans and the flowy top, or perhaps the light colored peplos and himation combination.

Whose Shoes Wednesday…The Answer

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Katherine Heigl Shoes

Manolo answers, it is the Katherine Heigl!

Congratulations to the Manolo’s internet friend, and multiple-time winner, Carole, for being the first to correctly identify this week’s celebrity of note.

Manolo’s Late Night Bargain: Stuart Weitzman Bridal

Hiturn Sandal from Stuart WeitzmanLouLou Sandal from Stuart Weitzman

Manolo says, yes, perhaps you are not, at the moment, the bride, but perhaps you know the bride to be, or are the mother of the bride to be, or the bridesmaid to be, or whatever, these two dyeable satin sandals from the Stuart Weitzman, the LouLou and the Hiturn, are the bargains almost too good to pass up. 90% off the regular price, only $29.99!


Cordy from Stuart WeitzmanCordy from Stuart Weitzman

Manolo says, it is summer! Do something fun, like wearing these lighthearted sandals, the Cordy from the Stuart Weitzman, while strolling this evening down by the waterfront with that young swain you met at the farmers market.

Manolo’s Wednesday Miscellany

Manolo says, here are the few amusing things to help you while the time…

Manolo is one of our people. (Manolo loves the shoes!)
I’m not some pathetic football widow, jumping on her boyfriend’s sports bandwagon though. Many moons ago, I waitressed at the Highbury football ground and served David Seaman and Thierry Henry a drink or two.
Pastels, platforms and intricate, swirly flourishes in rich suede dominate the whimsical collection. These are definitely not shoes for the shy.

Fool the Manolo Once, Shame on You

Moonrise Kingdom advertising makes the movie look funny, but it's almost certainly not.

Manolo says, fool the Manolo five times, shame on the Manolo.

This is the problem that the Manolo has with the movies of the Wes Anderson: the advertising always promises that the movie will be most hilarious. (Indeed, what could be funnier than Bill Murray and Bruce Willis playing the pair of old codgers?) And yet, the Manolo can assure you from hard-won experience that, at best, this new movie will be only mildly amusing.

Yes, it will be twee, so very, very, very twee. With the twee costuming, and the twee mood setting, and the twee music.

Will it be funny? Not so much.

Instead, it will be largely annoying.

Welcome Back, Dear Friends!

Manolo says, this morning, the Manolo sent out the email to all of the subscribers to his Super Fantastic Newsletter, asking those internet friends who have been away to please come back and visit the blog again.

And now, the Manolo sees that many of these old friends have returned, to which the Manolo can only say, Thank You! You were missed and we are glad you are back. Join in the conversation, your comments are always the valuable part of what is done here.

But above all else: Welcome Back!

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Miu Miu Gingham Taffeta Sandals for the First Day of Summer!

Miu Miu Blue Gingham Taffeta SandalMiu Miu Red Tafetta Gingham Sandals

Manolo says, today the summer officially arrives, and what could be more summery than these ridiculously cheerful and cheerfully ridiculous taffeta gingham platform sandals from the Miu Miu?

Too often are we required to wear serious clothing that conveys importance and sobriety. Too infrequently are we free to dress in ways that are expressive of joy.

It is summer, and we need the sort of happy-silly shoe that makes both the those who wear it and those who see it worn giddy with joy. Be joyful, wear happy shoes!

Katy Perry, Biding Her Time

Soon, vengeance shall be mine!

Manolo says, nearly half the year after her brush with the Russell Brand, and Katy Perry still has the crazy eyes.

But it is okay…

Hurry, Ma!  Bring me the flyswatter!!

For soon she shall emerge from her chrysalis on Dr. Moreau’s Island and wreak havoc on those who have tormented her in the past!

Whose Shoes Wednesday

Manolo asks, whose shoes?

Manolo’s Late Night Bargain: Dizzie from Charles by Charles David

Dizzie from Charles DavidDizzie from Charles David

Manolo says, here is Dizzie from Charles by Charles David, the classic suede pump that would look most super fantastic with the pencil skirt and the properly sassy attitude. Incredibly, they are selling for the mere $19.99, nearly 80% off of the regular price! Hurry!

Kim Kardashian Compares Self to Virgin Mary

Manolo the Church Lady says, well, isn’t that special.The Devil Wears McQueen

The reality star, 31, compared herself to the Virgin Mary in an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” that aired Monday night.

While at dinner, Kardashian expressed her interest in artificial insemination to a group of friends, including her sister Kourtney’s long-time boyfriend, Scott Disick.

“I think if I’m 40 and I don’t have any kids and I’m not married, I would have a baby artificially inseminated,” she told Scott. “I would feel like Mary — like Jesus is my baby.”

Allow the Manolo to suggest the more appropriate Biblical lady…

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