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Manolo's Shoe Blog: Shoes, Fashion, Celebrity, and Manolo! - Part 383

Boxes Without Topses

Manolo says, from the SandraK comes what the Manolo hopes is not the future of the footwear.

Wardrobe Malfunction

The real meaning of the phrase 'wardrobe malfunction'

Manolo says, note to the Janet Jackson, this it is not how one “changes the image”.

Bargain for the Girl with the Big Feets

Stuart Weitzman - Checkin (Black Peau) - Women's

Manolo says, if you are the super fantastic girl with the big feet (American size 10 or 10.5) than this shoe from the Stuart Weitzman, it is for you. It is on the sale, reduced 80%, from $285 of the American dollars, to less than $60!

A Tale Told by An Idiot

Manolo says, full of sound and fury. Signifying nothing.

Pucci Makes The Smiles

Emilio Pucci Womens Shoes    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, the Manolo he does not need the reason to display the shoes from the Pucci, other than the joy of the picture.

Deus lo Volt!

Is This chainmail?

Manolo asks, where is the sword and shield?

Kenneth Cole On The Sale

Kenneth Cole - Glitz n Glamour (Black)  Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, here is the good looking shoe from the Kenneth Cole that is on the sale. It is reduced nearly $100 of the American dollars, to just $64.

The Manolo, he approves of this shoe at this price. It is the good deal.

Of the course, there are many more such bargains available at the Manolo’s Basement of the Bargains.

The Shoes on the eBay

Manolo says, sometimes for the fun, the Manolo he likes to look at the shoes for the sale on the eBay.

The Vera Wang and Her Leggings

The Vera Wang and Her Leggings

Manolo says, here is the picture of the Vera Wang. As you can see she dresses as so many of the designers of the fashion they do, in the costume of the nearly all black.

The Manolo he does not approve of this.

To the Manolo the designer she is saying that her clothes they they are not capable of the wearing by the people of the everydayness, or if one is not the super model thin.

In the fact, the Vera Wang she designs the beautiful garments, and the Vera herself she is the cutie. So why must she adopt this atrocious downtown style, with the hideous leggings, no of the less?

Yes, this outfit it is functional, and no of the doubt comfortable, but it is not flattering to the Vera.

Here again, we must take as our muse the Miuccia, who is not afraid to wear her own creations to the shows of the fashion.

Miuccia is our muse!Miuccia is our muse!Miuccia is our muse!

Manolo says, the Miuccia she is our muse!

The Happy Pair

Heading South For The Winter

Manolo says, the Camilla, she needs the instruction in the proper wear of the garments of the foundation.

Manolo’s Super Fantastic Newsletter

Manolo says, the second issue of the Manolo’s Super Fantastic Newletter it is almost ready to be sent out the friends of the Manolo who have signed up to receive this treasure.

The last issue it was full of the news of the bargains on the shoes of the famous designers, a little of the humor of the Manolo, and, most prized of the all, the address for the Manolo’s Super Fantastic Newsletter Shoppe, which offers the discount on the Manolo-based items.

If you have not subscribed, there is still time to do so before the mailing early in the next week. Click here to subscribe.

The T-Shirts of the Project Runway

Wendy, What Are You Doing With Those Scissors?

Manolo says, Ayyyyyyyy! This picture of the Wendy on the T-shirt it makes the Manolo want to grab his privates and run away!

Before that, however, here is the link to the t-shirts and the designs of the Project Runway.