The Wearing of the Stockings

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many internet friends has asked the Manolo the question.

Dear Manolo, My super fantastic daughter shared your site with me and it is indeed a delight to read. I admire the Nicole Miller shoes you have pointed out, but being a lady of a certain age, I must ask a question about the wearing of the stockings? Ladies of style always did, except in summer, but this rule no longer seems true. It looks to me as if all the super fantastic glamour girls wear bare legs and strappy sandals at all times. But in January and with the elegant open-toe shoe (and legs that might benefit from a little gleam of the hosiery) are stockings still acceptable? What does the the wise and gentle Manolo think of this dilemma for the woman of a certain age?

Manolo says, it is indeed true, we live in greatly reduced times. When the Manolo he was the boy, the lady she was not dressed until the stockings they covered her legs.

And now? Now the trend toward the bareleggedness it has run the amok, so that even in the winter the Manolo he sees the womens showing their bare legs, with the shaving cuts, and the bruises, and the veins of the vericosa.

Manolo says, unless you are the 15-year-old super model girl, most of the womens they will look better with the right stockings.

Yes, during the summer it is frequently too hot to wear the stocking, but in the winter, if you are the fully-grown woman, then the stockings not only are they warm, but they hide the imperfections that the time it has given you.

And if you wear the beautiful Nicole Miller shoe the Manolo he has recommended, then the sheerest nude stockings with the so-called sandal-feets, they will look perfectly fine.

Though I Never Laid A Hand on You

So close, so close and yet so far

Manolo says, my eyes adored you.

Cynthia Rowley on the Sale

Cynthia Rowley - Toni (T.Moro Croc Print)  Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, here is another of the good looking shoes of the Cynthia Rowley on the sale. This one, it is reduced 71%, saving you nearly $150 of the American dollars.

Manolo’s Postcards

Fashion PostcardLagerfeld Postcard

Manolo says, finally the wisdom of the Manolo it is available on the postcards. Yes, they are not very colorful, but are they not funny none the less?

Alicia Keys is Confused

Kneel Before me, slave, and try this nice cucumber sandwich!

Manolo says, the Fredericks of Hollywood meets the Talbots.

Tres Gros Pieds

Manolo says, here is the article reporting that the feets of the French girls, they are growing.

The average French foot has grown by three centimetres in the past 40 years, and the French now buy more shoes, mostly made in Asia, than any other nation barring the United States, a new survey said.

The average shoe size for a French woman has risen from a 37 to a 40 (a seven in Britain and Australia, and a seven and half in the US), said the survey by the Centre Technique Cuir (Technical Leather Centre).

The French also now buy an average of 5.3 pairs of shoes a year, compared with 4.8 in the rest of Europe. The Americans remain the top buyers, treating themselves to 6.3 pairs of new shoes a year.

Manolo says, yes the Americans they buy many pairs of the shoes. Unfortunately, they have not all read the blog of the Manolo, else they would all know that it is not quantity of the shoes that is important, but the quality.

It is the rule of the Manolo that twenty pairs (Ha! one hundred pairs!) of the shoes from the Walmart does not equal one pair of these.


I bring you good tidings of great joy

Manolo says, Behold, a child is born.

The Bargains and the Cravats

Manolo says, the Manolo he has just added several new shoes to his Basement of the Bargains. Not only are all of these shoes on the sale for at least 50% off, but they are all 100% Manolo approved.

The Manolo also will mention his Cravats Worth the Wearing, which has the ties for the man that are all, like the wise, 100% Manolo approved. Do not forget, the Day of San Vanentino, is is upon us, and nothing it says, “I love you but you should try to dress better” like the gift of the quality tie.

The Boots of the Prada

Prada Womens Shoes Fall - Winter 2004/05  Manolo Loves!  Click!

Manolo says, it is no secret that the Manolo he loves the Prada. Nor would it be the secret that the Manolo he loved these boots from the Prada at the first sight.


Manolo Loves the Chocolate!  Click!

Manolo says, it is difficult to get more deluxe than the wooden chocolate vault.



Manolo says, the Manolo he is not the big fan of any couture that looks like a skin condition.

The Selma Blair is Insane

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many internet friends has sent him this quote from the Selma Blair.

Selma Blair grabbed fashion king Karl Lagerfeld’s manhood when she first met him.

The stunning actress, who is married to Ahmet Zappa, was so impressed with Lagerfeld’s physique that she couldn’t resist having a feel.

She said: “He’s got quite a boyish body and you can see every inch of his boyhood in his pants, which are very tight. I think I touched it the first time I met him in my house; I couldn’t help myself. It’s just longing to be held.”

Manolo says, just thinking about this it has caused the Manolo’s gorge to rise in his throat. It is nausea making.