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Manolo's Shoe Blog: Shoes, Fashion, Celebrity, and Manolo! - Part 387

Basic Disinterest

Sharon Stone learns a lesson about the aging starlets

Manolo says, “here it is boys, come and get it”.

D & G 2005

Dolce & Gabbana Shoes Spring - Summer 2005 - BRAND NEW ARRIVALS!!    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, here is the brand new Dolce & Gabbana shoe for the spring. It is, in the opinion of the Manolo, gorgeous.

My Name is Tommy, and I Have a Torch

My name is Tommy, and I have a torch

Manolo says, Tom Cruise: one of the special people.

(Many thanks to the Manolo’s internet friend the Bennett.)

Miss Meghan

Manolo says, if you are the person interested in the shoes, you must know about the Manolo’s friend the Miss Meghan. She does not post as often as she should to her blog, but it is still worth the visit.

Undoubtedly, she is the busy woman, as her new book on the shoes, it is coming out in a couple of the months.

Donna Karan on the Sale

Manolo says, this beautiful pair of the Donna Karan boots, it is on the sale, reduced nearly $600 of the American dollars.

The Eileen Shields

Manolo says, here is the article on the shoe designer Eileen Shields who used to work for the Donna Karan.

Any woman who finds herself nodding her head in happy agreement at the mention of flats ought to go take a look at Shields’s shoes, STAT. Though the designer’s line, now entering its third season, is rich in pumps, the standout item is the ‘Juliette,’ a round-toed flat with contrasting t-strap; available in a few different colors, they’re the kind of shoes committed pedestrians love to the point of destruction. And even Shields’s princess heels, such as the sling-backed ‘Ameli’ and ‘Maria’ mary jane, offer merely the suggestion of the soigne high-heeled silhouette, while hewing forgivingly low to the ground.

“It’s not like I launched the line because I couldn’t find any flats out there I liked,” Shields notes, “but if it’s a niche that works for me, I guess I’m glad to fill it.” She laughs again, adding merrily: “I don’t know. This is only my third collection; I’m still figuring out what ‘Eileen Shields’ the brand is all about. I have some ideas, but It’s going to take a few more seasons before I can say for sure. For now, I’m just a cobbler, really.”

Eileen Shields  Ameli   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, the Manolo he very much likes the shoes of the Eileen Shields, the are good looking and fun, and have the understated, eccentric sensiblity that the Manolo finds refreshing. They are indeed super fantastic.

The Carnivale of the Sins

Manolo says, the very naughty, and yet very nice Alexa has asked the Manolo to remind you that the weekly Carnivale of the Sins, it is looking for the racy blog stories about the Seven Deadly Sins.

The Brad and the George

Manolo says, look at this.

Brad Pitt has turned to his “Ocean’s Twelve” co-star George Clooney for comfort following the break-up of his four-year marriage to Jennifer Aniston.

Clooney has been comforting Pitt and even joking about the threat to his position as one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors. He even suggested Brad take a break, offering him his Italian villa as a free holiday destination.

And just days after announcing his split from Aniston, Pitt flew off to Japan on a promotional trip for “Ocean’s Twelve,” spending two days with George in the Far East.

Manolo says, the Clooney he is the shameless wrecker of the home!

(Many thanks to the Manolo’s internet friend the Sarah for the tip!)


This it is not the wardrobe malfunction. It is intentional.

Manolo says, sometimes the pictures they do not even need the captions.

The Imitations

Manolo says, everyone they are now doing the shoeblogging, even the big blogs.

The Super Fantastic (From the Archives of the Manolo)

Manolo says, of the recently many of the Manolo’s newer internet friends they have been asking the Manolo, “Manolo, sometimes, the shoe you select I do not like, and so what makes this shoe the super fantastic?”

So, the Manolo he has dug back into his archives and brought out this post from many months ago, to explain what makes something the super fantastic.


Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many internet friends has written the e-mail to the Manolo asking the question.

I must ask a question: what are your requirements for a shoe that measures high enough on your superfantastic scale to be featured on your blog? What do you look for? A certain style? A specific look? What makes a superfantastic shoe superfantastic?

Manolo says, this question, it is a very good question, but a very difficult question for the Manolo to answer.

Manolo says, sometimes the shoe it jumps out at the Manolo and says, “I am the perfect shoe!”

For the example, the Manolo, he absolultely loves this shoe by the Yves Saint Laurent.

YSL Rive Guache Suede Pump

It is, this shoe, the perfect black suede pump; the platonic ideal of the pump. The workmanship is the top level, the material is beautiful, and there is no doubt in the mind of the Manolo that this is a shoe every girl, she should own.

So, it is a very logical that this is super fantastic.

Yet the other times, Manolo says, this question it is difficult because the Manolo he cannot explain sometimes why he thinks a particular shoe it is super fantatstic. For the example, this shoe by the Donald J. Pliner.

Donald J Pliner - Ursola-Haircalf    Manolo Likes!   Click!

Manolo says, this shoe is wonderful!

On the one of the hands it is in a classic although somewhat of the stodgy form, the mocassin toe loafer. Yet, on the other of the hands, the material, it is the calf hair, in the black and white, like the funky cowboy chaps, and it has the red rubber-esque soles

Alone, says the Manolo, these things they would not make for the super fantastic shoe, but somehow, when the Donald Pliner put them together they became more than the sum of their parts! And so, it is difficult for the Manolo to explain with the logic why it is super fantastic, because there is the shoe magic at work.

Manolo has said before there is a place where the fashion it lies, and that place it is on the line between the classic and the trashy. The fashion, the real fashion, it is a balancing of the various, seemingly contradictory elements.

Sometimes the Manolo he can explain why something, it is super fantastic, other times, the Manolo can only feel the super fantasticness in the vibrating of his very being.

Cravats Worth the Wearing

Manolo says, the Manolo he has made the website the help the man pick out the ties that are worth wearing. It contains pictures of 24 beautiful ties that any man would be proud to own.

So, if you are the man shopping for the tie, or the woman shopping for the man who needs the tie…click here to go to Manolo’s Cravats Worth The Wearing.