The stiletto stared haughtily at the peep-toe,
A superior glint in her eye;
“The loveliest shoe in the closet is ME
There’s no need to even apply.”

The Birkenstock laughed in a natural way,
“Why you’re lovely alright, that’s for sure.
How often do you go out? Once in a while? Why,
I’VE been on a national tour.”

The sneaker remarked “Well I’m comfortable too,
And I’m practical, stylish and fun.
I help her stay fit and I go to the gym
I am the most valuable one.”

The pump said, “Well look at me, I go to WORK.
Responsible me, I’m the best!
Without me the rest of you wouldn’t be here,
And she wouldn’t be wonderfully dressed !”

The boot had been quiet right up until then,
But felt that she had to speak out.
“I keep her feet warm in the winter,” she said.
“I’m the one that she can’t do without!”

The flip-flop chimed in “In the summer it’s ME!
I go to the beach and the pool
I’m easy to slip on and off and I’m hip –
And so trendy and casual-cool.”

(The sandal considered the flip-flop cheap trash
Not worthy of even a thought
While SHE showed the pedicure off with great flair
Yes, she was the best of the lot….)

The peep-toe declared she had retro-chic charm
And got to go swing dancing too,
Why, no other shoe was as perfect as she
Not the Blahnik or even the Choo.

The shoes all continued to argue and brag.
Each had a unique point of view.
But no one else matters – Manolo is here!
So…Which is YOUR favorite shoe?


Submitted by Laura Kluvo

Super Fantastic Runner Up
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