Too Many Shoes?

Manolo says, here is the most recent column of the Manolo from the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

Despite annual culling, I find that I still have 63 pairs of shoes. Is this too many?


Manolo says, too many shoes? Ha! The Manolo he laughs!

Are there too many stars in the heavens? No!

In the fact, to use the science, the recent survey of the readers of the Manolo reveals that the average super fantastic girl own 127 pairs of the shoes. Yes, perhaps this it is not what might be called the “random sample”, but is it not clear from this that 63 pairs is only half enough?

To the Manolo, it sounds as if the real problem it is not that the Kate has too many shoes, but that she has too few closets.

Manolo recommends building more closets and then you can put into them this pair of the beautiful suede pumps from the Jean-Michel Cazabat.

Yes, they are expensive, but you are celebrating. You have the new closets!

Shalimar from Jean-Michel Cazabat    Manolo Likes!  Click!

The Bargains of the End of the Season

Manolo says, as the end of the summer shoe wearing season it is now here, there are many bargains among the high-end designer shoes to be had for the super fantastic smartie girl.

Pollini P10252E   Manolo Likes!  Click!

These pretty Italian flats from the Pollini, they are on the deeply discounted sale, 60% off of the regular price, nearly $400 of the American dollars off of the regular price.

Bateau by Hollywould    Manolo Likes!  Click!

And this beautiful shoe, from the Hollywould, which the Manolo he has recommended before, it is 67% off of the usual price, the savings of over $400 of the American dollars!

Velma by Nicole Miller   Manolo Likes!  Click!

And this sophisticated suede pump from the Nicole Miller, it is nearly 50% off of the regular price.

Manolo says, truly, it is the season of the bargains! Do not worry, however, the Manolo he will be here to show you the best of them.



Manolo shouts, Libeskind!


Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, the latest column of the Manolo it is available for the download at the site of the Express of the Washington Post.

Today the topic it is “are 63 pairs of the shoes too many?”


The All New Manolo For the Brides!

Manolo says, aaaayyyyyyyy! The Manolo he has redone the Manolo for the Brides!

It is at the new website address (, it has the new look, and, most radically of all, it has the new editor, the Never teh Bride!

Yes, the Manolo he has turned over the main blogging duties at one of his many blogs to another person. But, do not worry, the Manolo he would not let you down. Indeed, the Never teh Bride she is the excellent and most amusing blogger in her own right.

In the fact, to the mind of the Manolo, she is one of the best unknown bloggers the Manolo has seen, someone who deserves the wider audience and more of the readers.

What convinced the Manolo to ask her to join him with the blogging for the brides was her own blog, the eponymous, Never teh Bride. It is hilarious, and yet, it is also filled with the sound advice on fashion, manners, and relationships. This combination, it is exactly what the Manolo wants at the blogs of the Manolo, and so he knows that she is right for the important task of helping the Manolo with the bride blogging.

This addition of the Never teh Bride to the blogs of the Manolo it is the just the first step in the changes to the world of the Manolo that are coming in the next month or the two, changes that will give the Manolo the larger presence on the interweb, and will bring to you more things to read and look at that are amusing and tasty.

However, do not worry, the Manolo he is not going any of the places. He will still be here at his humble shoe blog, distributing to you the jokes and the japery and the shoes! We must not forget the shoes!

So, visit the newly remodelled Manolo for the Brides and see what the Manolo and the Never teh Bride are doing.