The Holiday Sweater

Manolo says, yes, it is true, the Manolo he has been reading and very much enjoying the blog of the Harriet Miers!!! She is obviously the delightful person, one who could easily be confirmed to join the Posse Manolo on the shopping expedition, if not the Court of the Supremes.

However, the Manolo he only mentions the blog of the Harriet Miers in the passing, because today the Harriet she has brought this website of fashion atrocity to the attention of the Manolo. (This page of the fashion atrocity website, it almost sent the Manolo into the convulsions, as if he were the small Japanese child watching the frenetic episode of the Pokemon.)

Trust the Manolo, the heavily beaded and be-rhinestoned “gem sweater” it is not the look you wish to adopt. And here, because we are approaching the season of the holidays, the subject of the sweaters it deserves the special discussion.

Manolo says, the truly super fantastic girl, she does not wear the holiday sweater. (Nor does the truly super fantastic man.)

See! Even the Mr. Darcy of Your Dreams looks like the dork in the holiday sweater. Think then how much worse you would look in …the Turkey Sweater!

Notice the grimmacey What-the-Hell-I’m-Getting-Paid smile.

Or perhaps you would like to make your own darling child look like the fool with the Mother-Daughter Frosty Scene of Societal Entropy Matching Sweater Set.

This, it is clearly child abuse.

Finally, as the Holloween it is only weeks away, you might wish to don something like this, the “Holloween Friends Cardigan”.

Trust the Manolo, if you wear this and no one tries to stop you, you have no friends.

So, listen to the advice of the Manolo, and make this the season of joy by giving your holiday sweaters to the garbage man.