The Fifth Winner!

Manolo says, the Sandra A. Willis of the Holly Springs, North Carolina, she is the Fifth Winner in the Manolo’s Super Fantastic Essay Contest!

The Manolo he has randomly selected her to receive the copy of the Miss Meghan’s most entertaining book The Perfect Fit: What Your Shoes Say About You. (The Miss Meghan she is of the course, one of the judges of the Manolo’s Super Fantastic Essay Contest.)


Norma from Delman Shoes    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, this retro velvet pump from the Delman it appeals to the Manolo with its wedge heel and understated detail. It is sophisticated without being stuffy.

What The Manolo Is…

Manolo says, Tuesday. Let us see what the Manolo is…


This work it is so monumental that it will undoubtedly occupy the rest of the Manolo’s week.


What is Best in Life?

Manolo says, To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

The French Shirt Blog

Manolo says, here is the wonderful idea: the blog about men’s shirts. Yes, it is written in the French, but is it not delightful?


Pink Spoon Blog?

Manolo says, Faces of Multiple Streams? This it sounds to the Manolo like the gobbledy-gookity.

It is simple what the Manolo does in this place, and it does not need the jargony, gobbledy-gookity speech to be explained: The Manolo, he entertains.

This it is the “secret” to the blog of the Manolo.

If you are honest with the peoples who read the blog, and are polite, and are good at the entertaining of your internet friends, you will succeed. End of the story.


The Bootlegs

Manolo says, one of the prizes the Manolo he will be awarding in the Manolo’s Super Fantastic Essay Contest (which, by the way, only has the one week left!) are the Bootlegs from the Manolo’s internet friend the Creative Queen.

The Bootlegs they are designed to help the expensive boots keep the shape in the closet or in the luggage. If like the Manolo y ou believe that with the proper storage and the maintenance the super fantastic shoes and boots can last many years, than the bootlegs they are the sensible investment.


The iJobs Nano

Manolo says, ayyyyyyy! The evil geniuses at the Microsoft they have made the tiny clone of the Steve Jobs! Run for your life, teeny tiny Steve Jobs, run!

Roberto Cavalli Boots on the Sale

Roberto Cavalli Boots L4708     Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, for the most of the part, the Manolo he does not find the shoes of the Roberto Cavalli to his taste. Yes, they are the favorites of the Hollywood crowd, but to the mind of the Manolo they are often too much over the top, and occasionally even ridiculous.

However, these boots of the Roberto Cavalli the Manolo he likes very much. Yes, they are somewhat fashion forward, with all of the strapping and the buckling, yet is there not also the tough girl chic in them?

And these they are the bargain! Over 50% off of the regular price, the savings of more than $450 of the American dollars!


Karl O’Lantern

Manolo says, here is the Evil One to remind you that the Holloween it is approaching.

Donna Karan on the Sale

Donna Karan Valentina Slingback   Manolo Likes! Click!

Manolo says, this slingback pump from the Donna Karan, in the color of the mahogany, it is both pretty and practical, and it is on the sale, over 50% off of the regular price, saving the frugal super fantastic girl over $200 of the American dollars!