The Celebrity Shoe Auction

Manolo says, the Manolo’s internet friend the Miss Meghan she is hosting the celebrity shoe auction to benefit the hungry peoples of the New York.

The auction it will feature the shoes of the designers and the famosos. And so you will be able to bid from the comfort of your computer on the shoes of the Reese Witherspoon, the Ivan Trump, the Star Jones, and the Carson Kressley, and the luxurious shoes from the Jimmy Choo, the Claudia Ciuti, the Sergio Rossi, and Manolo’s friends at the Due Farina, among many others.

The cause it is the good one, and there are beautiful shoes!


Pope Jon XIV

Manolo says, something tells the Manolo that this it will not end well for the Angelina Jolie.

What the Manolo Is…

Manolo says, it is the Tuesday, and you know what that it means, time to see what the Manolo is…



Going to Have to Read When It Comes Out but Will Probably Not Enjoy…

Listening to…

Manolo says, yes the Manolo he loves the Clampetts. Their antics they have always made the Manolo laugh.

The Manolo he knows that the elaborate critique of the disposable pop culture it is somewhat ridiculous, however he cannot help himself, this one he found at the Amazon site it is worth the reading.

Watching this DVD collection, I came to realize just how fundamentally good and smart that show was. It was brilliant in its conception and execution. Jed Clampett is the show’s moral compass; he is a New Testament figure in his fundamental good-will toward all, trusting, forgiving, and absolutely lacking in any sort of irony or sarcasm. Granny is the ultimate Old Testament fiesty matriarch, whose superstitious beliefs are based on mistrust, fear, and retribution. Ellie May is the Wood Nymph, who most closely resembles Jed in attitude (by way of her heart, more than the moral thinking of Jed). Lastly, Jethro is the the Modern Man, who is driven by ambition, with few thoughts of consequence, who sides with Granny in schemes, tempered by his naive/shallow beliefs in Good Results. As a foursome, they confound the world that confounds them.

Mr. Drysdale and Miss Hatheway provide bookends to the Clampett clan, in the roles of Id and Super Ego, each attempting to direct and/or prevent the family’s actions at cross-purposes to the other.

Everything about the show is brilliant, sweet, and silly, with a massive moral lesson hidden in the guise of a goofball comedy.

This it is ridiculous, but also nonetheless perfectly correct in its essence.

And thus we should seek to emulate the Jed in his kindness and generosity, in his open and trusting nature, and in his simple but deep and tolerant love for the eccentric members of his family and for his fellow humans.