Suede, Lots of the Suede

Donna Karan Alexis Knee Length Suede Boots       Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, here from the Donna Karan is the suede, lots of the suede. This color it is called “mulberry”, which appears to the Manolo to be some sort of the very deep, dark, appealing green, although it is also available in the black.

It is exactly the sort of thing the smart girl she would wear in the evenings during the late autumn, perhaps for dining at the La Goulue after the stroll up Madison Avenue from the galleries.

Even the better, the dinner it could be her treat, as this boot is on the sale, 51% off of the usual price, the savings of over $300 of the American dollars!

The Roger

Manolo says, behold, Dapper Dan the Hat Man.

The Disscussion

Manolo says, the discussion session it did not work exactly as the Manolo had intended, mainly because the technology it hindered the Manolo, rather than helped, as it was not the Manolo’s voice that you heard, but someone who was attempting to read the Manolo’s IM’ed responses to the questions.

However, the Manolo he has the few words of response that he was unable to make known during the session.

First the Manolo he would note that the Kim and the Never teh Bride they were wonderfully well-spoken and informed about the importance of the fashion blogging.

For the Manolo the great trend, as he has noted below, it is the democratization of the fashion, and the great strength of the fashion blogging it is that it is part and parcel of the democratizing trends of the age.

Individuals now have voices that are being heard, and the animus of the Elizabeth Hayt to the blogs perfectly illustrates how this trend it has upset the poobahs and panjandrums, who believe that they alone are entitled to speak to the unwashed masses.

But, sadly for the Elizabeth the Correspondent and those who are like her, the world it is changing under their feet, and the pride they take in their ignorance and lack of curiosity will not change this.

Update: Ayyyyy! The Manolo he neglected to mention that the Kristen, who the Manolo thought was quite funny, was also on the panel. Many apologies.

There is the marvelous picture of the Kim, the Kristen, and the Elizabeth the Correspondent.

The Favorite Posts of the Manolo

Manolo says, many of the Manolo’s internet friends they have asked the Manolo

Manolo, what are your favorite postings at the Manolo’s Shoe Blog?

For the Manolo this question it is like asking the mother to pick the favorite child.

You cannot do this because you do not wish to hurt the feelings of the one who is always having the tantrums by the candy display in the checkout aisle, and so you say you love them all equally.

So the Manolo he cannot give you the single posting. However, he will give you the few of the postings that he believes best captures his wit with the pictures of the celebrities.

My Name is Tommy and I Have a Torch

The Apotheosis

The Choice of the Peoples, Part 2 and the companion piece The Illuminating Lorenzo Lamas

The Many Faces of Galliano

Too Much Bronzer

Say Mister


Down to Earth

Suetonius on Nero and the second part American Nero

These they just the sample of what the Manolo thinks are funny. Of the course, there are many more under the category of Celebrity.

Launch Party!

Manolo says, at 10 o’clock on the time of the East Coast the Manolo he will be participating (occluded, via the computer) in the discussion panel with the other blogging and fashion notables, as part of the launch party of the new media company, the OSM.

You may go to this site here to obtain the live audio stream so as to listen in on the discussion. Sadly, the voice you will hear speaking the words of the Manolo will not be that of the Manolo.

Fashion Blogging and the New Media

Manolo says, it is not the secret that the Manolo has recently joined up with the Pajamas Media (who will by the time you are reading this be called the OSM). This it is the new media venture designed to join the bloggers together with the old media peoples under the single roof.

It is also not the secret that the Manolo has been asked to moderate (via the computer from the comfort of the Manolo cave) the discussion session at today’s launch party of this new company. This session it will be entitled “Are Blogs the New Black”, described as “the lighthearted look at the fashion industry’s mingling of pop culture, passion and power.”

This description it is not correct. The fashion industry it has little control, except as subject matter, over the actions of the fashion bloggers.

In the stead, the Manolo would describe this session as “Let The Hundred Flowers Blog: the Democratization of the Fashion and the Fashion Reportage.”

As the long time internet friends of the Manolo know, the Manolo is convinced that one of the great trends of this the new century it will be the democratization of the fashion, just as one of the promises of the blogging revolution it is the democratization of the news and the commentary.

What does the Manolo mean by the democratization of the fashion?

The Manolo believes that as more peoples are becoming better educated, they are demanding the beauty and the good design in their own lives, and that the best fashion will appeal not just to the cognoscenti, but to the wider world.

Thus the search for the suitable, flattering, and appealing individual style, it has become the true quest, the true desire of millions.

There are the dozens of the things both small and great that the Manolo can point to to support his thesis.

For the example, within the last twenty-five years the names of the most famous fashion houses, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, have become the household words, and their fashions have trickled down so that they are coveted by millions, including the American rap stars and the British chavs, alike.

Likewise, the desire for good design and fashion is revealed by the current great success of the department store chain the H & M in selling the designs of the Stella McCartney at the affordable prices, just as last season it had (to the chagrin of the Manolo) the great success in selling the designs of the Lagerfeld.

Or if you wish to see the same principle at the work in the matter of the housewares look at this, The George Foreman/Michael Graves Grilling Machine.

We now wish our clothes, our things, even our grilling machines to be stylish in the way that we hope reflects our indivuality.

At the same of the time, the medias they have become more democratic, and the new media tools, especially the blog, they have given ordinary peoples– shoe lovers, teenaged girls, dandies, stylish college professors, and anyone who has the computer– the tools to talk about the style and the fashion to the wider audience, to become the fashion and style critics.

Many of these new critics are not only passionate about the fashion, but they are also wonderfully knowledgeable and entertaining writers. And, as the consequence, they are gaining the audience for their writings on the internet, joining their voices to the voices of those who have been annointed fashion critics by the newspapers and the fashion magazines.

Once, we had to wait for the Vogue, or the New York Times to read what the high and the mighty thought about the latest runway show. Now, on the day of the show, we can turn to the La Coquette in the Paris, or the Spirit Fingers in the Hong Kong, or the Cool Chiq in the Scandinavia, or the I Am Fashion girls in the New York and the London for the informed and entertaining commentary.

This it is nothing short of miraculous, and it is why the Manolo is excited about the future, about the possibilities of discovering the new talent, the new views, the new ways of looking at fashion and style. It is also why the Manolo he is the greatest supporter of the fashion blogging, because he belives that this process of democratization it cannot but result in good things.

The Age of the Super Fantastic it approaches!