Lovely New York – Introduction to Celebrity

Manolo says, sometimes the Manolo he receives the most interesting and amusing emails.

For the example, this one from the Manolo’s internet friends in the Japan.

This message is written on behalf of Nihon Tele-Work, Inc., a television productions company in Tokyo, Japan. We, BK Nexent, Inc., are based in New York and have been working with Nihon Tele-Work. Inc. for their production in the North American territory.

We are looking for a person that we can feature on our up-coming project for a Japanese program. Our filming schedule is somewhere around November 29th through December 2nd. I am wondering if you can recommend someone who is suitable our program.

This time, we are planning to produce a program titled “Koisuru New York -Celebrity Nyumon,” means “Lovely New York – Introduction to Celebrity” which is schedule to air on Saturday, December 17, 2005 on Fuji Television in Japan.

This 90 minutes special travel log/information program is about three Japanese talents come to New York and learn how to become “Celebrity” or at least to get a feel for.

What mean of “Celebrity” in our program is, a person who is wealthy enough to shop expensive bland names, has time to spend on her own – a person that people are envious about her life.

These Japanese talents will have lessons on beauty regimen, rule of health, along with trendy fashion, gourmet, shopping, culture lesson, etc.

Our plots are still in the air, however, at the end, these talents found their own meaning of what the beauty of celebrity is about.

We will also feature four celebrities including Jill Stuart and Stephen Knoll in New York as masters of celebrity. Three Japanese talents are looking for their “master” to learn about celebrity.

One of undecided celebrities, we are looking for someone who has very beautiful legs and has collection of shoes. Also, we prefer the person to be married, lives in nice condo in Manhattan.

According to our plot as now, one of Japanese talent goes to shoes store, Christian Louboutin, and meet a very elegant woman who has beautiful legs. This Japanese talent wants to be a apprentice to have beatutiful legs and
cerebrity life like her.

They go to the shopping, like luxury vintage shop and gallery. Then they go to the women’s house. The house/condo is very gorgeous and luxury. So Japanese talent is very impressed.

The woman has many brand shoes, such as LOUBOUTIN, MANOLO BLAHNIK, JIMMY CHOO. In her closet, there are many gorgeous and elengant dresses and accessaries. Also there are nice christmas decoration in the living room and her nice family members, like sweethusband & daughter. (example) Then they go to the one of the most famous Japanese restaurant or the toughest make reservation restaurant in nyc.

If you know someone who is suitable in this case, would you please introduce the person to us?

In the more recent email, the Manolo’s Japanese friends further clarify the terms of their search.

ould you please post the note if someone could participate with our TV
program, or introduce me someone who is suitable for this.
My e-mail address can be posted as well.

Now, we are looking for a person:
1) has beautiful legs
2) has collection of precious shoes
3) lives in gorgeous condo in Manhattan
4) is available for filming on Nov. 29th and/or 30th

We would like to film at:
1) Christian Louboutin (Scene of encountering with Japanese talents)
2) inside the condo and collection of shoes

If possible, we would like to film also at:
3) restaurant having dinner with Japanese talents
4) pilates studio working on pilates with Japanese talents

3 and 4 are not mandatory.
Also, there is some compensation on this.
Any information can be contacted to my e-mail, hibino

We really have to find this person as soon as possible.

Manolo asks you to please help the Japanese television peoples to find their next master of celebrity.

Holiday Shoes

Manolo says, ayyyyyyy! The holidays they are upon us! And so for the next few weeks the Manolo he will be helping you pick out the shoes suitable for wearing to the various festivities.

Valencia from Isaac Mizrahi    Manolo Likes!  Click!Valencia from Isaac Mizrahi   Manolo Likes!  Click!

For the example, this shoe from the Isaac Mizrahi, it is perfect for wearing to the holiday party. Even the better they are on the sale, nearly 40% off!

Daniel Day Lewis!

Manolo Loves the Day Lewis!

Manolo shouts, Daniel Day Lewis!

It is no secret that the Manolo is the huge big fan of the Daniel Day Lewis, even when his hair it is looking like that of the mental patient.

Indeed, how can the Manolo not be the big huge fan of the Daniel Day Lewis? For like the Manolo and the Vitaly Belchenko, the Daniel Day Lewis loves the shoes.

As the many internet friends of the Manolo know, the Manolo has the cinematic aspirations, and that he is writing the play for the screen. It is, of the course, his fondest hope that the Day Lewis would agree to be the star of this potential movie.

The movie it is about the shoe designer, played by the Daniel Day Lewis (him, the Hasselhoff, or the Russell Crowe), who designs the most amazing and powerful super fantastic shoes, which are then stolen by the nefarious mastermind, the Blagerfeld, who uses them in the attempt to take over the world. (His previous plot, involving the Crocs, it had naturally failed.)

The shoe designer and his sidekick, the souped-up, super fantastic, high-tech, talking black Trans Am, they must then race against the clock to retrieve the shoes and defeat the villian before his plans they come to fruition.

The Manolo envisions the sort of sophisticated action/buddy/fashion picture, with many stunts and good clothes.