Black Friday Blogging

Manolo says, the Manolo he has been so busy the past week, doing the various things the Manolo does, that he has neglected to point to the efforts of the Manolo’s internet friend, the Almost the Girl in what she has named the “Black Friday Blogging”.

Here is the Almost the Girl’s call to the arms.

Thus I am inviting you to participate in a fashion blogging event. Next Friday is Black Friday, the biggest shopping day in America. I am asking other fashion bloggers to join me in blogging about their own views on fashion, consumption, individuality, and the importance of fashion in our lives. I am encouraging any other fashion bloggers to join me in this endeavor, just make your own political fashion statements about your view on consumption and fashion and I will link up and we can hopefully dialogue about the importance of individuality in fashion! I would like this to grow organically so please email your fashion blogging friends to join the fun!

Many times over the past year the Manolo he has discussed the importance of the fashion, usually in connection with the utterances of the Manolo’s muse, the Miuccia Prada.

However, here for the Black Friday are the Manolo’s political beliefs, summed up in the following short statements.

1) Everyone has the right to be super fantastic. The Manolo he is the proud and strong believer in the personal freedoms, in the ability of the autonomous individual to dress in manner he or she desires (even if the manner chosen it is awful).

2) Manolo loves the Capitalism! Nothing is more worthy of the ridicule than the fashion sense of the dictators, politburos, autocrats, and tyrants. For the example, the most horrible, deadening, life-sucking piece of the fashion ever invented, it is the Mao suit, for it reduces the individual to the mere cog in the ideological machine. Happily we live in the system in which the marketplace it is free to deliver to the peoples the beautiful clothes, enabling each individual to dress in the manner he or she chooses.

3) The luxury it is often worth the expense. This it is currently the topic of the discussion between the Manolo’s friend the Virginia Postrel and the Almost the Girl, where they are pondering whether the Bottega Veneta handbag could be worth $21,000. The answer of the Manolo to this question: it depends on the handbag. (He has not seen this particular handbag, so he cannot pass the judgement yet.) There are certain items that truly justify great expense. This it is why the Manolo he repeatedly advises his many internet friends to save their money and purchase the most super fantastic shoes possible.

4) Sometimes, the luxury it is not worth the expense. This it is why one must come to know oneself, to know what works and does not work as the suitable personal style, and to know what is truly luxurious and what is the fraud.

5) The clothes they are important. They say important things about your identity, even if you pretend that they do not.

6) The fashion it is not the nuclear rocket brain surgery. One does not need the grounding in the theoretical sciences to know how to dress well.

7) Manolo loves the shoes! Enough said!

We shall continue this discussion in the comments section.


Mama Mimi?

Manolo says, the Manolo he is confused. Is this some sort of the outfit for the breastfeeding?

P.S. The Manolo he loves the Mariah Carey, she is like the beautiful, glittering, overstuffed butterfly, who can sing but cannot be trusted to dress herself.

25 Sale of Thanksgiving

Holiday Shopping at

Manolo says, the they are having the big Thanksgiving sale. Perhaps you will find some shoes that you can wear for the festivities of the holidays.

Perhaps something like this handsome t-strap from the Taryn Rose. It is selling for 30% off the usual price.

Grace by Taryn Rose     Manolo Likes!  Click!

Or these patent leather pumps from the Isaac Mizrahi, also 30% off of the regular price.

Very by Isaac Mizrahi     Manolo Likes!  Click!