Manolo for the Holidays

Manolo for the Holidays! Manolo for the Holidays!

Manolo says, what better way to say, “You are indeed super fantastic!” than with the gift of the Manolo?

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Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, the latest column of the Manolo it is available now for the downloading at the Express of the Washington Post website.

Celebrate! It is another of the Shoes of the Season!

Dear Manolo,
Please help me find a good-looking holiday party shoe.

Manolo says, you must not be reading the humble shoe blog of the Manolo, as for the past two of the weeks, the Manolo he has been featuring at his blog, the super fantastic holiday shoes, shoes that capture the festive spirit of the season.

What, you may rightly ask, are the qualities that make the shoe suitably festive?

The number one, the shoe it must be fun. This it is the happy time of the year, and so leave the drab feetwear for the middle of the January.

The color of the holiday shoe it should be the rich, and the material sumptuous, either the velvet or the satin. There must be the little bit of the sexy toe exposure or the toe cleavage, and finally, perhaps some of the ornamenty bling bling to enliven the whole thing.

As you can see, this shoe, the Fauborg from the Anne Klein, it meets the criteria perfectly.

Anne Klein New York Fauborg   Manolo Likes!  Click!


The Project Runway 2, Week 2

Manolo says, how quickly does it take for the Manolo to be proven as horribly incorrect? One week.

Manolo finds the Raymundo’s East Los Angeles pachuco gay boy way to be charming. And to the mind of the Manolo, he is one of the few who has his own fashion vision, or at least one that is worth paying attention to. If the Manolo could pick the longshot to win, it would be the Raymundo.

Oy gevelt, the Manolo he still loves the little flamboyant Raymundo, but the outfit he made for the Barbie it was beyond awful, the sort of thing that would be produced by the worst student in the Home Ec class at the reform school.

Sadly, the Raymundo, he deserved to be ejected from the show.

Also, the Manolo he now pities the poor Santino, to be posessed of such obvious talent, but to be so insecure and childish about it, and to be so nasty about the deficiencies of others. This it is not easy for the Manolo to watch.

The Santino he must be humbled if he is to win. Perhaps the omniscient Tim Gunn, he can take the Santino to the woodshed, as he did this week with the ridiculous Andraeea ae? ea? eea? aaee?

The Manolo he must now also apologize to the Nick for judging him so harshly last week. He has turned out to be more pleasant than not, and he is very good designer.

As for the rest of this motley pack, the Manolo he stands by his judgement of the previous week.

Of the course, the real question, it is why has no one yet given the Tim Gunn his own television show?

Did the Manolo say show?


The Tim Gunn Network! All Tim, All The Time! And charge for it as the premium channel, like the HBO.