Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, the Manolo’s column in the Express of the Washington Post it is now available for the downloading. This week’s topic, it is the not boring shoes for the super fantastic professional girl.

Dear Manolo,

The new year is almost here, and I’ve resolved to be more fabulous in my choice of footwear for the coming year, especially for what I wear to work. I’m an accountant, so I need lots of help.


Manolo says, Every year, the Manolo he makes the same resolutions he has always made, to be ever more super fantastic than he was in the preceeding year. This it is not easy, especially as the Manolo he has grown into the age of the middle, when the battle against the forces of nature must be fully engaged.

However, this it does not mean you should not make the valiant attempt to achieve super fantasticness, even if, unlike the Manolo, you toil in the professions that are perhaps not known for their fabulousness.

Indeed, the problem for those in the occupations of respectablitiy, such as the accountants and the lawyers, it is that you must maintain the gravitas suitable to the job, so that the clients they will not be frightened away by your taste for the avant garde.

Sadly, the hot pink Puccis on the accountant they do not make the smiles in the person facing the IRS audit.

And so, the Manolo he must counsel his seriously-employed friend to express her office-based super fantasticness with the shoes that are conservative in style and color, but have the luxuriousness of the first-rate material and workmanship,

954690 by Christian Lacroix   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Thus, the Manolo he would recommend this smart suede shoe from the
Christian Lacroix as something that embodies the qualities the Manolo has mentioned.

Christina Desk to Disco by Donna Karen  Manolo Likes!  Click!

Likewise, if the friend of the Manolo wishes to “sex it up” the bit the Manolo would have her consider the “Christiana Desk to Disco” from the Donna Karen.

More Predictions

Manolo says, many of the Manolo internet friends who made the predictions were late to the Carnivale of the Couture, and so the Manolo he will now provide the links to their websites.

The Kim of the I Am Pretty NYC, she predicts that the Blue is the New Black, but does so in the manner that makes the Manolo both think and laugh.

The Almost Girl she has posted the usual erudite and very well written pensée on the topic of the conspicuous consumption, one which predicts the end of the logo brand.

The Italian blog the Red Apple predicts that this year we will all be following the examples of the Bridget Bardot and the Jackie O, to which the Manolo asks, when have we not?

The topic of the next Carnivale of the Couture it is “Fashion Don’ts that Make You Crazy.” The Manolo he will be collecting the links later this week for the publication of the Carnivale one week from today, Monday the 16th of the January.