No Project Runway

Manolo says, profound apologies from the Manolo to his many internet friends, especially to those who are expecting the Manolo’s usual Thursday comments following the Wednesday Night Project Runway.

The Manolo he is travelling this week, in the fact, the Posse Manolo it is rolling in the Chicago (the Manolo he will have the few words about the shopping on the Mile of Miracles). As the consequence, the Manolo he was not able to see the Project Runway, nor has he been able to do much of the blogging.

Do not worry, the Manolo he will watch the episode and post his comments this weekend, after he returns from his trip.


The Un-Valenki

Jackie by Anne Klein New York   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, this boot from the Anne Klein, it is sophisticated, elegant, handsome, and oh so sexy. In the short, it is the un-valenki.