Fashion Don’ts That Make The Manolo Crazy

Manolo says, from the Vivienne Westwood comes the trio of Fashion Don’ts That Make The Manolo Crazy.


Fascist Chic.

Nazi in the Net.

And here, please allow the Manolo to say the few words about the “transgressive” fashion.

The few words, they are “played out”.

The Manolo he is simply bored with the entire attempt to shock him with the “transgressive” fashion.

Trust the Manolo if the major bending-of-the-gender motion picture starring the James Garner and the Julie Andrews was made in the 1982, no one in the 2006 is going to be shocked by the image of the lady breasts on the man’s shirt. Instead, it is the opposite. Instead if you insist on parading such the item on your runway, most people they will just assume that you are not very bright.

Likewise, thanks to the overuse by “artists”, the material trappings of the mass murdering Nazis they no longer provide the uncomfortable frisson they once did. And now their appearance on the runway can be rightly viewed as yet the thousandth attempt to elicit the cheap reaction, and thus we are forced to conclude that your work it is the product of the shallow and immature mind.

So the number one fashion don’t that makes the manolo crazy, it is the transgressive that no longer transgresses.