Project Runway 2, Week 5

Manolo says, the Manolo he finally managed to see the last week’s episode of the Project Runway, and even though he knew what the outcome it would be, he was still most amused.

Here then are the few comments about each of the designers and their action in the previous week.

Marla: Good bye to the Marla, your peculiar combination of cluelessness and lack of cluefulness it shall not be missed.

Diana: The Paul Anka he said it best.

I don’t care just what they say
‘Cause forever I will pray
You and I will be as free as the birds up in the trees
Oh, please stay by me Diana

The Manolo he is so sad that the super nerdy Diana she had to go. Yes, she was always confounding the poor Tim Gunn with her futuristic visions of costumes suitable for wearing to the steampunk blimp-ports, and tiny, self-replicating AI robots that keep your jodphurs from falling down, but she was so adorable, like the esoteric, clothes-designing Hello Kitty.

Andrae: The Manolo he is beginning to warm to the Andrae, and his drama queen ways. He has some talent, and he seems very nice, if more than the little spacey/spastic.

Emmett: Is Manolo the only person who has noticed that the Emmett he is beginning to look like the deer in the headlights? The very tall, very well dressed and very polite deer in the headlights.

Zulema: Bravo to the Zulema for designing the beautiful dress in the record time. Mirabile dictu, she does have some talent after all. Of the course, she is still the unpleasant person.

Kara: The Kara, she always seems one sewing machine failure away from having the catatonic breakdown. If this it were the movie Airplane! the other passengers they would be lining up to slap her.

Nick: Manolo he has come to respect the Nick and his talent. He does his best, and it is usually very good.

Chloe: Always good. Boringly good. She will be one of the final three.

Daniel V.: The coolest of the designers. Manolo loves the Daniel V! He is talented, and has his own vision that is fun and youthful. He is confident without being the ego maniac. He is the good listener, and someone who does not panic when the pressure it is on. It is official, the Daniel V he is the Manolo’s new favorite.

Santino: What is there left to say about this unattractive, petty man? He has some wickety-wack talent, although, the more the Manolo sees, the less he thinks Miss Thang is all that. Of the course, any talent the Santino he does have it is almost completely obscured by his insecure, raving meglomania and jealousy.

The Next Carnivale of the Couture

Manolo says, the Shangri Law they are hosting the next weeks Carnivale of Couture. The topic, it is: Fashion Items You Cannot Live Without.