The Body Language of Revulsion

Manolo says, inside you know the Lucy Liu, she is dying.

P.S. The Emperor of Ugly!


Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, the Manolo’s most recent column for the Express of the Washington Post it is now available for the downloading at their website. Today’s question it is shoes suitable for the interview for the job.

Dear Manolo,

I have a job interview soon, and I’ve selected a lovely navy pinstripe suit with a pencil skirt to wear. I’ve found a pair of black slingbacks that go with it, but my question is, is it appropriate to wear slingbacks to an interview? Also, can I wear black shoes with a navy suit?


Manolo says, black shoes with the navy suit? Yes!

As for the the slingbacks, they are the compromise between the full pump and the too-sexy-and-frivolous-for-the-interview mule, and because of this, the answer it is the qualified maybe.

If your job interview it is with the art gallery, or the house of publishing, or one of the other creative industries, then the slingback, it is indeed most appropriate, as one would wish to display some indication of mild relaxation.

However, if your interview it is for the job in the house of investment banking, or the office of the federal prosecutor, then perhaps it would be best to appear as conservative as possible, so as not to frighten the natives with your wanton display of the heel skin.

Of the course, either way, you still would wish your shoes to be very attractive, and so the Manolo he would suggest that you look for the black pump.

But, you do not yet have the job, and you are not made of the moneys, and so you need the shoe at the reasonable price. Thus, the Manolo he would recommend to you the Destiny 2 from the Circa by the Joan and the David.

Not only does it have the name of great portent, but it is both stylish and attractively priced.

Destiny 2 by Circa from Joan and David      Manolo Likes!  Click!

The Manolo he asks his many internet friends, should the Manolo’s column be syndicated in more of the newspapers? Perhaps this it is something he should persue.

Claudia Ciuti on the Sale

Riva by Claudia Ciuti    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, here is the simple, elegant shoe from the Claudia Ciuti, this one with the little bit of the bling.

It is selling for 54% off of the regular price, the savings of over $150 of the American dollars!

Buy the Kara Saun

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s internet friends, she has sent the Manolo the most interesting note.

Dear Manolo:

I think your blog is super fantastic and besides putting a smile on my face, it has also inspired me to dress better every day. And I think your synopses of the Project Runway episodes are sometimes even better than Tim Gunn’s!

I would say that anyway, but today I am writing you in particular because I am selling off one of my dresses from Project Runway 1. My wonderful husband managed to get me three of the dresses from Project Runway 1: two by Kara Saun and one by Austin Scarlett. A good seamstress finished two dresses for me and revised them for my figure, and I feel like a model whenever I wear them. But one of the dresses is meant for a girl with a much smaller bust than mine, and after trying to think how I could wear it anyway for almost a year, I decided to sell it on eBay.

Gosh, I know it’s awfully presumptuous to ask you to tell others about it, but I’m hoping you might think some of your readers would want to know: maybe one of them can wear it, or maybe they’d just like to have a designer prototype, just as some of us might like to have an original painting.

This dress, it is the very attractive green dress from the second episode, the challenge of which it was to design the cotton dress on the theme of the envy. This dress it was the winner for the week.

You may see the dress and bid on it here at the eBay