Manolo says, Ayyyyyyy! It is the final much foretold convergence of evil…Lagerfeld in Uggs!

Fashion Week Blogging

Manolo says, look the fashion bloggers have the big plans for the New York Fashion Week!

This Fashionweek, Feb. 3-10, 2006, it’s a New Chapter in Fashion History as New York’s Fashionweek Goes Live! The Fashiontribes.com and Almost Girl blogs team up with Glam.com and Pajamas Media to bring you Liveblogging, Podcasting & Videoblogging Coverage from the Tents at Bryant Park.

Fall 2006 Fashionweek starts in February. So why wait for up to four months for the major fashion mags finally arrive on the newsstand for news & analysis of the Fall 2006 runway? The latest – and some would argue most fun! – way to get that up-to-the minute fashion & style coverage you crave is now a mouse click away. The digital revolution has finally hit the fashion industry!

Two of the web’s premier fashion & lifestyle blogs, Fashiontribes and Almost Girl are teaming up with Glam.com and Pajamas Media – to cover Fashionweek as it happens from the tents. “This is a new era for fashion & lifestyle coverage,” explains Fashiontribes.com’s editor in chief, Lesley Scott. “People want their style information quickly, and they don’t want to have to weed through pages & pages of the same thing. They also love the information, diversity, and sense of humor that the blogs provide.” Almost Girl’s Julie Fredrickson concurs, adding, “People are tired of waiting for information. With our blogging coverage, you know what’s going on – literally as models are coming down the runway. In the new digital world, things operate at light speed. The way I see it, we are giving fashion readers exactly what they want the instant they want it!”

In addition to the live Fashionweek coverage by Fashiontribes and Fredrickson – who is reporting from the shows as part of the Fashiontribes editorial team – there will be a giant fashion blogging “carnival.” Some 30 of the web’s top fashion & lifestyle blogs will weigh in daily on The State of the Fashion Union: the shows, the trends, fashion, beauty, style, & the state of the fashion universe in general. To find out about what’s going on at a glance, Fashiontribes and Almost Girl will act as blog portals, providing a daily summary about everything that was covered – As a premier member of the Glam Blog Network, Fashiontribes posts will also be promoted on Glam.com and will contribute to their up-to-the-minute Fashionweek coverage.

To kick off Fashionweek, Glam will also host Blogging is the New Black, a Blog Breakfast Panel Conference at the W Times Square on February 2, from 9 am – 11am. Fashiontribes.com’s Scott will be one of the invited panelists discussing how blogs are changing the fashion media as we know it. She will of course be blogging about the whole affair – that very day! – as part of the Fashionweek Blogging Event.

What to expect from Fashionweek blogging: Daily runway reports
• Backstage Interviews
• Chats with Insiders
• Dish on the afterparties
• Commentary on the state of fashion right now
• Picks & pans from Fall 2006: the best & worst looks, makeup, accessories
• The trends to pay attention to

Of the course, the Manolo he will be offering his opinionsand comments about the shows and the fashions as the week it unfolds.