Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, the Manolo’s most recent column for the Express of the Washington Post it is now available for the downloading at their website. Today, the Manolo he discusses the “hip” shoes for the man.

Dear Manolo,

Can you recommend a pair of hip shoes for a downtown sort of guy?


It is no secret that the Manolo he loves the shoes, but it is perhaps less well known that the Manolo he disapproves of the “hip” shoes for the men.

The “hip” shoe, it is the lamentable trend, with its gaudy colors, and its too-square-or-too-pointy toe, and the ridiculous exotic leathers like the iguana, or the ostrich, or the alley cat.

If it is your desire to look like the Argentine tango pimp then by all means wear the hip shoe.

However, if you wish to be taken seriously, as the adult man should naturally wish to be, then you should remain on the side of tradition.

Where the fashion for the men is concerned, the Manolo he is the traditionalist. Men should wear well-polished, good quality feetwear, which should distinguish itself not with the outré color, or the hand-tooled cat leather, but with the high quality of the material and the workmanship, and with the classical, elegant line of the shoe itself.

Thus the Manolo he would recommend to his “downtown” friend the black monkstrap shoe from the Bally called the Breda.

The monkstrap shoe it is the ever so slightly eccentric shoe. Indeed there is the faintest whiff of the mystery about the man who wears the monkstrap. This man he is not the uptight man of business, instead he is free from such mundane concerns, and yet there is still the admirable personal restraint. He is slightly old-fashioned, but in only the best sense, as being one who does not abandon tradition at the first blush of the new.
Breda by Bally     Manolo Likees!  Click!


Pollini Peep Toe on the Sale

Pollini S16092E    Manolo Likes!  Click!
Manolo says, here is the beautiful, high-heeled peep toe from the Pollini with the crystals and the geometric cutouts. Not only is it most attractive, but it is on the sale, nearly 70% off of the usual price, the savings of almost $250 of the American dollars!


Project Runway 2, Week 7

Manolo says, this episode it was the great improvement over the previous episode, the one with the hideous skaters costumes.

The theme for the show, the inspiration, it is the excellent one, as it gives us the chance to see how the designers they think about this important topic.

First, however, we get to see how the Manolo’s old friend, the Michael Kors searches for the inspiration, and the result, the Doris Duke in Hawaii, it is not especially inspiring. This “inspiration” it yields what, the retro Hawaiian prints in the pastel colors! Very innovative, that.

Thank Goodness, says the Manolo, that at the least his inspiration it was not the Daisy Duke in Appalachia, or else we would have had to sit through the showing of the Michael Kors line of Hee Haw couture.

As for the designers of the Project Runway, many of their inspirations (street signs, graffitti, large African women in dashikis) they were equally hackneyed, something which the Michael Kors noted unironically at the final showdown.

And here the Manolo he must give the special props to the Andrae and the Daniel, not merely for the beautiful garments which they produced, but also for having the good eye to find the images which were unusual and inspiring. Like the Michael Kors, the Manolo he is now the “Full Dan Fan”. Also, more and more the Manolo he has come to love the crazy little flaming Andrae. Yes, he is wound one turn too tight, but at the bottom he has the sweet and kindly personality, and his talent, which literally found beauty in the gutter, it is muy fuerte indeed.

This episode it was also good because it gave us the Nick almost having the melting down, the Zulema getting her final reward, and the chastened and seriously subdued Santino, who does the dead perfect impersonation of the Tim Gunn, and who appears to have less and less talent as the series progresses. By the way, after watching the sage Tim Gunn go on and on about the deficiencies of the model Rachel (who is the “elongated marshmallow with the “gumby legs”) the Manolo he cannot but believe that the Zulema did exactly the right thing by taking the Tarah. That it did not help her, it is beside the point.

Finally, let the Manolo say that the Jay, who appeared last night as the judge, he is more amusing by himself, than all of the cuurent designers put together. The Manolo he is eagerly awaiting the Project Jay.



Manolo says, Ayyyyyyy! It is the final much foretold convergence of evil…Lagerfeld in Uggs!

Fashion Week Blogging

Manolo says, look the fashion bloggers have the big plans for the New York Fashion Week!

This Fashionweek, Feb. 3-10, 2006, it’s a New Chapter in Fashion History as New York’s Fashionweek Goes Live! The Fashiontribes.com and Almost Girl blogs team up with Glam.com and Pajamas Media to bring you Liveblogging, Podcasting & Videoblogging Coverage from the Tents at Bryant Park.

Fall 2006 Fashionweek starts in February. So why wait for up to four months for the major fashion mags finally arrive on the newsstand for news & analysis of the Fall 2006 runway? The latest – and some would argue most fun! – way to get that up-to-the minute fashion & style coverage you crave is now a mouse click away. The digital revolution has finally hit the fashion industry!

Two of the web’s premier fashion & lifestyle blogs, Fashiontribes and Almost Girl are teaming up with Glam.com and Pajamas Media – to cover Fashionweek as it happens from the tents. “This is a new era for fashion & lifestyle coverage,” explains Fashiontribes.com’s editor in chief, Lesley Scott. “People want their style information quickly, and they don’t want to have to weed through pages & pages of the same thing. They also love the information, diversity, and sense of humor that the blogs provide.” Almost Girl’s Julie Fredrickson concurs, adding, “People are tired of waiting for information. With our blogging coverage, you know what’s going on – literally as models are coming down the runway. In the new digital world, things operate at light speed. The way I see it, we are giving fashion readers exactly what they want the instant they want it!”

In addition to the live Fashionweek coverage by Fashiontribes and Fredrickson – who is reporting from the shows as part of the Fashiontribes editorial team – there will be a giant fashion blogging “carnival.” Some 30 of the web’s top fashion & lifestyle blogs will weigh in daily on The State of the Fashion Union: the shows, the trends, fashion, beauty, style, & the state of the fashion universe in general. To find out about what’s going on at a glance, Fashiontribes and Almost Girl will act as blog portals, providing a daily summary about everything that was covered – As a premier member of the Glam Blog Network, Fashiontribes posts will also be promoted on Glam.com and will contribute to their up-to-the-minute Fashionweek coverage.

To kick off Fashionweek, Glam will also host Blogging is the New Black, a Blog Breakfast Panel Conference at the W Times Square on February 2, from 9 am – 11am. Fashiontribes.com’s Scott will be one of the invited panelists discussing how blogs are changing the fashion media as we know it. She will of course be blogging about the whole affair – that very day! – as part of the Fashionweek Blogging Event.

What to expect from Fashionweek blogging: Daily runway reports
• Backstage Interviews
• Chats with Insiders
• Dish on the afterparties
• Commentary on the state of fashion right now
• Picks & pans from Fall 2006: the best & worst looks, makeup, accessories
• The trends to pay attention to

Of the course, the Manolo he will be offering his opinionsand comments about the shows and the fashions as the week it unfolds.


The Many Faces of Galliano!

Big Chief Super Seductive

Manolo says, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

P.S. Nothing cheers the Manolo like the visit from the funky little fashion troll Galliano!

P.P.S. Many thanks to the super smart Almost the Girl, who needs to learn that the paragraph break it is the readers’ friend.

What the Manolo Is…

Manolo says, it is the Tuesday, time to see what the Manolo is…





Listening to…

It is the most earnest belief of the Manolo that it is time to give the Carl Orff the much deserved rest.

Also, while the Manolo he is critiquing… what was the Scorsese thinking? The remade Cape Fear, with the fake accented DeNiro belted to the bottom of the car, it makes the Manolo laugh when he should have been fearful. From this point it is straight down the hill to the lamentable and self-indulgent Gangs of the New York.


Leather Lace

Josephine by Vigotti    Manolo Likes!  Clicks!Josephine by Vigotti   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, here are the unusual shoes from the Vigotti, about which the Manolo he is of the two minds.

On the one of the minds, the Manolo appreciates the interesting technique used to make this; the leather it cut with the laser, and then laid over the colored fabric. This it is the cool idea, and the shoes they is not without their charms.

However, on the other of the minds, the patterns of the leather and the combination of the colors they are not exactly what the Manolo would have wanted.

Still, the idea it is the good one, and the Manolo he hopes to see someone do this again, as there is great potential here for beauty.

The Carnivale of Couture #3

Manolo says, the Carnivale of Couture #3 it is now posted at the Shangri Law! You must go read the this weeks offerings from the super fantastic fashion bloggers.

Cannot Live Without

Manolo says, the theme of this week’s Carnivale of the Couture (hosted by the Manolo’s internet friends at the Shangri Law) it is “the fashion things you cannot live without on the desert island”.

This it is the most difficult for the Manolo as he is not someone who likes to “rough it”. Indeed, the items the Manolo believes absolutely necessary for survival they would require the medium sized shipping container.

However, the lengthy list of items it is not in the spirit of the event, and so the Manolo he has limited himself to two things.

John Lobb Toe Cap Oxford

The one thing the Manolo he absolutely cannot live without, it is the shoes of the John Lobb, the best men’s shoes in the world. If the Manolo is going to spend the rest of his life on the desert island, he will not be chasing the coconuts and the wild boars in his bare feets.


The second item that the Manolo the Shoeblogger considers indespensible for the survival, it is the single, simple, perfect pair of the shoes from the maestro Manolo Blahnik.

If the Manolo the Shoeblogger is to be trapped on the desert island, he needs something to keep his spirits afloat, something beautiful, something sublime that he can contemplate when he become depressed at his condition. This simple, elegant, classical shoe it would remind the Manolo that he has not been forgotten, that the benevolent God continues to exist, and that His works they are mighty.


The Divorce of the Hasselhoff

The Hoff and the Soon-to-be-former Mrs. Hoff

Manolo says, many, many of the Manolo’s internet friends have been emailing the Manolo, sending him links to the articles which announce that the magnificent David Hasselhoff he is divorcing his wife of the many years, the Pamela Bach.

Like many of the great actors, it is clear to the Manolo that the Hasselhoff, he is the profound man beset by the personal demons. However, again like many of the great actors, he has been able to take the roiling emotions of real life and transmute them into the purest, most refined sort of artistic gold.

Like the Brando, or the Olivier, the Hasselhoff he will weather the tempest and will emerge the better artist for it.

P.S. Many thanks to the Manolo’s friend the Jen, who first broke the news to the Manolo.

He Is The Man’s Best Friend

Manolo says, the Never teh Bride she asks, should your pets be included in your wedding party? Perhaps, the budgie as the bridesmaid, or the guppy as the groomsman?