All Hail the Queen!

Manolo says, here are the shoes of the Queen Latifah. Yes, they are ever so slightly too small for her Majesticness, but are they not beautiful? And the color of the shoes, they are perfect for her marvelous skin tone.

Here is the rest of the Queen Latifah, showing us how to be super fantastic.

One year ago, the Manolo he wrote about how to be both fat and super fantastic. And, now here is the big woman who knows exactly how to do this. Happily, for the Queen Latifah, she has had wisdom to take the excellent advice from the Susan Moses, the former big girl model who is now the genius of style.

This it is one of the great fashion stories of the age, how the Queen Latifah was transformed from the ill-dressed hip-hopper into the beautiful and glamorous movie star while still keeping her very natural shape.

Perfect for the Bravo!

Manolo says, Manolo the TV show? All the Manolo needs now is the concept and the announcer/sidekick.

P.S. Manolo’s choice? The Stedman. He is indeed, muy suave.

Will’s Winter Bargain

Charlize by Will's Fancy    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, many months ago, the Manolo he recommended this shoe from the Will’s Fancy. Today, it is selling at the deep, deep discount, nearly 80% off of the usual price, selling for less than $55 of the American dollars!

The very beautiful black satin version, it is slightly more, but still 63% off of the usual price.

Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, the Manolo’s column in the Express of the Washington Post it is now available for the downloading. This week’s topic, it is the not boring shoes for the super fantastic professional girl.

Dear Manolo,

The new year is almost here, and I’ve resolved to be more fabulous in my choice of footwear for the coming year, especially for what I wear to work. I’m an accountant, so I need lots of help.


Manolo says, Every year, the Manolo he makes the same resolutions he has always made, to be ever more super fantastic than he was in the preceeding year. This it is not easy, especially as the Manolo he has grown into the age of the middle, when the battle against the forces of nature must be fully engaged.

However, this it does not mean you should not make the valiant attempt to achieve super fantasticness, even if, unlike the Manolo, you toil in the professions that are perhaps not known for their fabulousness.

Indeed, the problem for those in the occupations of respectablitiy, such as the accountants and the lawyers, it is that you must maintain the gravitas suitable to the job, so that the clients they will not be frightened away by your taste for the avant garde.

Sadly, the hot pink Puccis on the accountant they do not make the smiles in the person facing the IRS audit.

And so, the Manolo he must counsel his seriously-employed friend to express her office-based super fantasticness with the shoes that are conservative in style and color, but have the luxuriousness of the first-rate material and workmanship,

954690 by Christian Lacroix   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Thus, the Manolo he would recommend this smart suede shoe from the
Christian Lacroix as something that embodies the qualities the Manolo has mentioned.

Christina Desk to Disco by Donna Karen  Manolo Likes!  Click!

Likewise, if the friend of the Manolo wishes to “sex it up” the bit the Manolo would have her consider the “Christiana Desk to Disco” from the Donna Karen.

More Predictions

Manolo says, many of the Manolo internet friends who made the predictions were late to the Carnivale of the Couture, and so the Manolo he will now provide the links to their websites.

The Kim of the I Am Pretty NYC, she predicts that the Blue is the New Black, but does so in the manner that makes the Manolo both think and laugh.

The Almost Girl she has posted the usual erudite and very well written pensée on the topic of the conspicuous consumption, one which predicts the end of the logo brand.

The Italian blog the Red Apple predicts that this year we will all be following the examples of the Bridget Bardot and the Jackie O, to which the Manolo asks, when have we not?

The topic of the next Carnivale of the Couture it is “Fashion Don’ts that Make You Crazy.” The Manolo he will be collecting the links later this week for the publication of the Carnivale one week from today, Monday the 16th of the January.


Sunday Style

Cam by Donald J. Pliner     Manolo Likes! Click!

Manolo says, this anklestrap shoe from the Donald Pliner it has the clean, classic look and the understated detailing that appeals very much to the Manolo.


Ebony and Ivory for the New Millenium

Manolo says, Manolo has doubts about the casting of the Brokeback Mountain sequel.

Carnivale of Couture #1

Manolo says, here, long overdue, is the first Carnivale of Couture!

The Manolo he wanted to start the first Carnivale and the new year with the interesting and the timely topic, and what could be better then asking the super fantastic, super smartie fashion bloggers for their fashion predictions for 2006.

Manolo loves the shoes, and so what better way to start the first Carnivale of the Couture than with the Shoewawa‘s Spring shoe predictions, which they are the chunky leather, platform moccasins, formal-looking wedges, and white!

At the I Am Fashion, the Herrods Girl and the Barneys Girl they are predicting that this it will be the season of the pretty white blouse and the stockings.

The wonderful Coolchiq says that the slaves to the fashions of the 2006 will be sporting the high waists, the balloon skirts, the calm neutral colors, and vegetable prints!

The Verbal Croquis (who the Manolo has just discovered and added to his blogroll) predicts the return of the purple, the 1940s, and lots of the militaria.

The Pink Mirage, who the Manolo has loved and read from the first day of her blogging, predicts that the animal prints they are out, the white and the cream they are in, and, the best of all, Pirate Galliano!

The Counterfiet Chic, the smart and stylish lawyer who blogs about the fashion and the counterfeiting of the fashion, she says that white/brown/greige is/are the new black/blacks.

The Devilish Heels says that the shoes of the 2006 will be more over the top then ever.

The DoggieWoggie, she gives us the dog fashion trends for the 2006.

The Jewlery Weblog says that it will be the layers, the romance and the beads for the 2006.

At the Persiflage the outlook for the 2006 it is indeed very grim: another year of the Uggs, the velour and the low rises.

For the Bagsnob, the 2006 it means crocodile!

The Shangrilaw predicts, the return of the curvy girly girls, not the skinny flat-as-the-board girls, but the curvy, bouncy, bosomy girly girls, in girly underwear.

And, at the last and appropriately, the Final Fashion has the few words about the end of the Megatrends.

For the future of the Carnivales, the Manolo he will host the next one here at his humble shoe blog, but he would like to have the Carnivale of the Couture rotate through the fashion blogosphere, so that all may share in the duties and the bounty of the traffic. So, if you would like to participate please email the Manolo so that he may put your name on the list to do the hosting.

The topic for the next Carnivale, to appear next Friday, it is: Fashion Don’ts That Make Your Crazy.

Prepare accordingly.


End of the Low Rise?

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s internet friends has written the Manolo the note.

I was intrigued by your post inviting people to blog about possible trends for 2006. Unfortunately, I don’t have the insight or the wit to play in the big leagues with Manolo and his internet salon. I worship the bits and bytes you walk on.

Instead, I write to you with not a prediction but a wish. Please reassure me (and my burning eyes) that 2006 will bring the end of the super low rise pants. I can’t take it anymore. My family and I went to have sushi last week and we could barely hold our appetite after having spent the time waiting for a table forced to stare at a young woman whose pants were so low that we could see the crack of her visible behind. Ew ew ew ew. EW. Never would I have thought that the sight of a visible thong would have been a welcome one.

Please make it go away, Manolo. This I pray. — Paola

Manolo says, the Manolo he too wishes devoutly for the end of the low rise, and indeed he thinks the backlash against the low rising jeans it has begun at the top of the fashion food chain. Sadly this it will take the year or two to work down to the people at the Red Lobster or the Wal-mart. So, you and the Manolo, we must suffer for at least the next few months.


The Bride of Frankenstein

Manolo says, ayyyyy! The Lohan she has been reanimated!

The Project Runway 2, Week 4

Manolo says, Nicky Hilton?

This is the person who the contestants of the Project Runway must impress with their designs?

This it is not the honor, it is the moral quandary.

On the one of the hands, you must attempt to produce the best design possible so as to win the respect of the Nina and the Michael Kors, yet on the other of the hands, your design it must still be tawdry enough so as to impress the Nicky Hilton with it’s “hottness”.

The Manolo he hastens to remind you that the Nicky Hilton, she herself wishes to be the fashion designer, and has introduced the Chick by Nicky Hilton line of the clothes, the clothes which are perhaps best described as the track suits with the sequins and rhinestones glued on.
Nicky Hilton Juniors Hoody

Pefect for stumbling around the Ibiza in the stupor.

And so, with this particularly debasing challenge in mind the designers of the Project Runway set out to sell their souls to the devil.

At the end, it was again the odious Santino as the undeserved winner, with the poor, wacky, nutty, loveable-but-not-terribly-talented Lupe taking the long walk off of the short runway.

To the mind of the Manolo, the dress of the Santino it was too busy. Instead, the dress of the Andrae (ea? eea? aae?) it should have been the winner. It was simple and beautiful. In the second place the Manolo he would have put the Nick, who produced the stunning asymetrical dress. And third, it was the Daniel V., who although his material was incongrous for the carpet of red, made the wonderful party dress.

However, at the end, it was the Santino who remembered the “client”, who remembered that the dress was to be picked by the not terribly sophisticated, not terribly bright Nicky Hilton. And so he made the dress that presented the flashy detail.

Also, do not forget that the Nicky was favorably impressed by Santino’s “personality”.

Did the Manolo mention that he found the Nicky to be especialy dull? Dull in every possible connotation of the word? Dull even by the already low standards set for public Hilton behavior and intellect?

The final word of the Manolo: this week there were many beautiful dresses which were more deserving of victory.


Lucky Bag!

Manolo shouts, everybody Fukubukuro! Fukubukuro! Fukubukuro!