Project Runway 2, Week 8

Manolo says, goodnight sweet princess Andrae. By the end, the Manolo he had grown to like you for your inherent sweetness, and although you fully deserved to lose (Astroturf!), the Manolo he cannot but respect your ability as the designer.

Elsewhere in this episode…

The Santino is slowly redeeming himself with his perfect and hilarious Timpression, but not his designs. And yes, the Santino he is still chastened.

The Kara’s skirt, with sad looking grass, was not pretty, but the top it was very good. And yes, the Kara she is still annoying.

The Chloe she is the smart one. She knows exactly how to make something work. Once again, her work it is boringly good.

Likewise, what is there not to love about the Daniel V.? He again proves why he should be the winner of the whole contest

The Nick, he is slowly self-destructing before our eyes. His outfit it was not “vulgar” just, meh. Sadly, he has lost the confidence in his considerable abilities and now appears on the edge of the breakdown.

By the way, the Michael Kors, with the “Nick is vulgar” comment, he reminds us why he is this generation’s Bill Blass.

And, finally, the Heidi Klum she shows us with her wonderful sense of the humor, why the Seal is perhaps the luckiest man in the universe, this even though she was wearing the ugliest maternity outfit not made of the burlap the Manolo has ever seen. It looked like someone had taken the white sweat shirt, turned it upside down and sewed in the neck hole.