Carnivale of Couture #4

Manolo says, the fourth Carnivale of the Couture it is on the way early next week, to be hosted at the blog of the wonderful Kim. And what is the proposed topic?

I am so fortunate to host on the week when Fashion Week ends, the dust is settled and we can all make our assessments. So here is the question: What was your most/least favorite part/garment/party/celebrity sighting of The Week and, as a result, are you looking forward to the upcoming season with anticipation or trepidation?

This it is the excellent topic and the Manolo he encourages all of his blogging friends to participate.

Also, this week’s rolling Carnivale, the on-going blogging of the New York Fashion Week, The State of the Fashion Union, it is still being organized from the wonderful blog of the


The Valda

Valda by Jean-Michel Cazabat    Manolo Likes!  Click!
Valda by Jean-Michel Cazabat  Manolo Likes! Click!Valda by Jean-Michel Cazabat  Manolo Likes! Click!

Manolo says, this shoe, the Valda from the Jean-Michel Cazabat, it has the most amusing details. It is indeed fun!


Project Runway 2, Week 9

Manolo says, Ayyyyyyyy! The tension! The tension! It felt as if someone’s head it was going to explode!

When the designers were standing on the runway, or sitting in the back waiting for the judges to pass their judgement, one could smell the sweaty desperation, one could see the veins popping out on the foreheads. It was indeed excellent television.

And the challenge it was likewise excellent.

The making over of the designers it has been the Manolo’s fondest desire from the beginning of this season of the Project Runway. Except for the Chloe and the Emmett, and to the lesser extent the Nick, the designers they have looked like the touring company of the Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, the Musical!

They make the worst fashion choices for themselves, which are then displayed each week for our amusement. The idea that the fashion designers, as the class, they are themselves frequently the fashion victims it is something that the Manolo has explored in the past. (viz. Vera Wang, John Galliano, the Evil One, et al.)

Indeed, many designers they will simply give up and dress themselves in all black all of the time, thinking that non-color will deflect from them the criticisms of their poor fashion choices.

And so, as you can imagine, the Manolo he laughed out loud when the Michael Kors announced last night that he “would not wear the vest with the pink back”.

Of the course not, Michael Kors, you would not wear anything except the jeans, the black jacket, and the black t-shirt with the stretched out neck. (Yes, perhaps it did cost $300 of the American dollars, but it still looks as if you’ve been wearing it to the YMCA for the vigorous games of pick-up basketball.)

So the making over of the designers, it is something the Manolo has longed to do, to transform them from the random shambling heaps of hair balls and cleaning rags, into something more like sentient beings.

In the best of cases this it would not be the easiest of the tasks as the designers of the Project Runway, they are not the handsome peoples.This it is not the handicap in the world of fashion, as it is also true that many of the famous fashion designers, they too are ugly.

The Manolo, he theorizes that this it is because the ugly they are naturally drawn to the beauty.

So, the Manolo he could not but agree with the crude Southernism of the Santino, that this challenge it was like trying to polish the turd, trying to take what is natuarlly not attractive and make it into something that at the least does not repel.

In the end, the correct decisions were reached. Chloe made the Nick look great. Nick made the Daniel V. look silly. Kara made the Santino mildly less repuslive, if only by having his scraggly beard shaved, and taking away some of the crazy wickety-wack of his usual outfit. The less said about Daniel V’s dressing of the Chloe the better. And the Santino, he turned the Kara into the futuristic, natural-fiber, space hooker. Ugh.

Good bye to the Nick. You are the nice guy, who has much talent, and the Manolo he wishes you well, but your outfit it was not good.

Finally, the Manolo he asks the rhetorical question, other than the Chloe who would you hire to give you the making over?