The Magnificent Tim Gun

Manolo says, here is the wonderfully informative article on the Tim Gunn from the

Gunn is not a judge, and he is not even a fashion designer, which is crucial to his success both on the show and at Parsons The New School For Design. “I don’t have a particular point of view about fashion other than quality, taste and style,” he said in a recent telephone interview. “I’m respectful of all of it. I look at it all unencumbered.”

This, it is slightly disingenous, indeed it is self-contradictory. The particular point of the view of the Tim Gunn it is one which empasizes exactly what the Tim has indicated, the quality, the taste and the style.

One need only look at how the Tim dresses himself to know that this is a man who is restrained, intellectual, and concerned with decorum. He is intellectually detached enough to give the honest critique of the sometimes awful work, not because he does not have the point of view, but because he is the excellent teacher and the good critic.

The interview continues…

Gunn, 52, grew up in Washington, D.C., an introverted boy whose lack of ballfield exploits made him “the bane of my father’s existence.” (Gunn did take to competitive swimming: “It was nice and clean and you didn’t sweat.”) His mother started the library at the Central Intelligence Agency before giving birth to her two children, and his father was a career FBI agent, a close-mouthed man who served as J. Edgar Hoover’s ghostwriter.

Gunn says he never considered fashion design as a career, yet he still couldn’t keep his hands off his younger sister’s Barbie dolls. “I had a Barbie obsession,” he says. “I was concerned with the whole Barbie lifestyle.”

It always starts with the Barbies.