Flats for the Springtime in Paris

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s internet friends has asked the Manolo the question.

I am very excited, as I am about to make my first trip to Paris this spring !

I was wondering if you would recommend some flat shoes which would be comfortable for walking about for hours and hours and hours each day on the cobblestones, and yet still be smart enough not to disgrace me in the shoe salons of the fashion capital (where I plant to spend many an hour and a hard-earned dollar), and especially not in front of the undoubtedly chic Parisienne shop girls.

Merci beaucoup !


Ayyyyyyy! The Rosie she is so lucky, to be spending the time of the spring in the Paris.

She is also indeed most lucky because the shoes of the Hollywould they are on the sale at this very moment. And so the Manolo he has picked out two pairs of the shoes that are not only excessively stylish and attrative, but are also on the sale.

Bateau by Hollywould!  Manolo Likes!  Click!

This shoe above, the Bateau, it is over 60% off of the regular price, the discount of over $260 of the American dollars!

Roberta by Hollywould     Manolo Likes!  Click!

Here is the Roberta from the Hollywould, another smart flat on the sale. This one it is nearly 50% off of the regular price!