Project Runway 2, Week 10

Manolo says, so long to the Kara, you were most annoying, and not terribly talented, and usually your clothes they looked as if they’d been grabbed from the rag bag.

Ah, Santino, Santino, how the Manolo would love to hear that you have met with the unfortunate machine gun accident at the toll booth.

The Manolo cannot remember when he last saw this level of groundless, unjustifiable narcissism…oh, right. Never mind. Clearly you and your spangly wickety-wack are destined for the great things, perhaps designing workout clothes for Bobby Trendy to sell at the Wal-Mart.

Once again, the Daniel V. displays his talent for taking beautiful shapes, forms, and materials and giving them the merest, slightest, tiniest twist, so as to make them seem ever so slightly barely different. It is the talent for the small details, and the Manolo, after viewing the pictures of the runway show, is completely convinced that you will win the whole thing. Look for the Daniel V. to soon be working for the Ralph Lauren or the Calvin Klein.

As for the Chloe, the Tim Gunn was exactly right, the Chloe produced the gown that made the rail thin model appear to have the giant ass. Bravo to that! Once again, the Manolo must repeat that she is boringly good, and that her collection at the runway show was meh, whatever, fine.

Notes from the rest of this episode: Mamas don’t let your boys grow up to be Austin Scarlett, because he’s always aflame and hankering for fame, even if there’s not much else there. And Jay is still the delightful Jay, but the fifteen minutes they are ticking away fast.

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