Strategy of the Stilletos

Manolo says, look the Manolo’s friend the Miss Meghan she is running the seminar at the 92nd Street Y!

Whether you’re a seasoned Manolo wearer or just bought your first pair of three-inch spiky wonders, you are going to need a Stiletto Strategy©! Let Meghan Cleary, author of The Perfect Fit: What Your Shoes Say About You, help you develop your own Stiletto Strategy©. We’ll explore which stilettos are best for what occasion, why walking in them is like Pilates, and how to pad up your favorite pair for a looong night on the town!

Meghan Cleary, a.k.a. Miss Meghan, believes a woman’s favorite pair of shoes is a window into her soul. The kind of shoe a woman wears can signal her taste in clothing, her career goals and even her ideal mate. Discover what your shoes say about you and learn to love your inner stiletto!

This it sounds like good shoe-based fun.