Shopping with the Jay

Manolo says, for the fans of the first season of the Project Runway, here is the link to most entertaining interview with the Jay. It is filled with the sort of amusing and outrageous common sense that has made the Jay one of the Manolo’s favorites.

What he could talk about was the aesthetic of his upcoming collection, which he describes in “Project Jay” as being “accessible, wearable, affordable.”

“The intention is just to be easy,” he explained as we entered Lush, which was laid out like a deli, with produce-style bins and shelves of, yes, luscious-smelling bath, beauty and grooming products. “Not easy as in boring or simple, but I like to base everything off jeans and t-shirts. It’s America, after all. Even Charlize Theron and Madonna wear t-shirts and track suits. We concentrate so much in fashion on, like, Zac Posen’s satin-piped bodices and Art Deco bs, and it’s expensive, overrated and probably made like crap. And there is such a push to use fine, expensive fabrics and make $2400 shirts. That’s rent for people, or a college fund! It’s clothes at the end of the day. It’s not a cancer drug, it’s not an AIDS cure. I’d rather sell four hundred million t-shirts at $24.99 apiece and build the house that way then sell eight gowns to some bs artist’s dumb wife.”

And then this section, it contained the favorite part of the Manolo.

“Peggy Moffit, man,” he enthused of his muse. “She’s like [intoned in robot voice] ‘I’m a weird sculpture. I’m mannequin woman.’ That time period was so amazing. You know, Paris Hilton is a joke to me. Lindsay Lohan is supposedly the new face of Chanel. It’s like, ‘Who is the hot new thing?’ That’s why fashion is so fickle. I just stay out of it and do what I want to do.”

In this passage, the Jay shows the great advantage of coming from the hinterland: you are to some of the extent constitutionally and emotionally insulated from the frenetic nonsense of the media metropoli.

The Manolo, he would now remind you that all three of the finalists of the current season, they are not from the New York or the Los Angeles. The Daniel V. he is from Michigan, Chloe is from the Houston, Texas, and the Santino is originally from the Missouri.