The Debutaunt Update

Manolo says, in the November, the Manolo posted the news that his internet friend the Debutaunt had been afflicted with the grave illness.

Here is the update from the sister of Debbie.

Dear Manolo,

Just wanted to let you know an update on my sister at She is going to be getting her blood stem cell transplant on Monday. Right now, the Debu is already admitted to the hospital to get the preparatory treatment—radiation and chemo. The blood stem cell transplant is not an easy process to go through but it gives the best hope to thousands of people, including my sister.

Though going through a transplant is not terribly fun, we learned something that we didn’t know previously—that the donation process is pretty easy. People think of donating blood stem cells as being very painful, and the old way of doing it was certainly not comfortable. But the new technology does not involve an operation into the bone marrow, rather, they just take extra stem cells out of the donors’ blood—kind of like giving platelets.

My sister was fortunate that she had a match in my brother. But there are thousands of people who are not that lucky and rely on the National Marrow Donor Program to find a match. Here is information on how to join it: .

Anyhow, with the transplant, the Debu is going to be in the hospital for 20-40 more days and is already bored as heck. As her hospital fashion statement, she rejects hospital gowns as being too immodest and ugly, and favors Nick and Nora pajamas (Target now carries them—they are the most genius company). She has the internets in her hospital room, and it has been a lifesaver to be able to visit her internet friends. So if you would like to visit, I am sure she would adore it.

Buona giornata!

Once again the Manolo implores his many readers to send the prayers and the positive thoughts toward the Debutaunt so that she may be restored to the health.


Project Runway 2, The Reunion Show

Manolo says, so boring, so very, very boring.

Indeed, throughout the episode the Manolo kept devising the ways to make the episode more interesting, ways that usually invloved handcuffing the randomly selected designer to the Santino, giving them both the long knives and seeing who emerged the “winner”.

Zulema and Santino…Fight!

Sadly, such hijinx they were not on the menu. In the stead, we the loyal viewers were treated to the blandest of outtakes, and the most self-justifying of blather. Yes, there were the bizarre, uncomfortable moments, such as the goofy Lupe’s drunken ramble, and the Daniel Franco’s creepy crazy-eyed protestation of love to the Heidi, but there was little of the entertainment in that.

The Manolo he did have one other idea for the perfect show of the reality television…Santino and Andrae, The Real Life Odd Couple!

Santino is so delightfully, abrasively self-absorbed (and actually quite funny) and Andrae is perhaps the sweetest, kindest human who has ever walked the earth. Put this pair in the media-bubble safe house in Los Angeles and let the world beat the path to their door!

This week on The Santino and Andrae Show, old pal Tim Gunn pays the visit. Watch the sparks fly!



Manolo says, many years ago, when the Manolo was the poor boy, he constructed something similar, but vastly more super fantastic, out of the strips of the old leather and the industrial debris he had found at the abandoned furniture factory.

Of the course, the main difference was that the Manolo’s shoe fit properly.