The Awards of the Academy

Manolo says, once again it is time for the Manolo’s ritual denunciation of the stars of the Hollywood who have made the spectacle of themselves during the most celebrated day of the cinematic year, the day of the Awards of the Academy!

This year the theme for the clothing it was somber indeed, as the blacks, and the deep blues, and rich burgandies predominated in the auditorium of the Kodak Theater. There were the exceptions, such as the luminous Resses Witherspoon in her most luxurious metallic gown, but in the general it was the evening of darkness.

And, then there were these people whom the Manolo spotted both on the carpet of red and in the parties after the ceremony itself.

For the example when the Manolo saw this picture from the after party…

He could not help but think of this historic tableau…

or perhaps this…

There were others who also deserved the Manolo’s attention.

For the example, Dolly Parton with the new biceps.

The Emperor of Ugly in the Turandot costume

The posture here it says to the Manolo, Get this over with, I have lines to chop.

Oh how the Manolo was wishing for the murder-suicide pact.

Mmmmm, very classy, the salwar kameez with decollete.


Senex Amator…Oscars Edition!

Manolo says, just because you are repulsive does not mean you cannot catch the beautiful girl. It is all the matter of the bait you are using.

The Three Million Dollar Shoes

The Foot of the Bird in the Shoe of the Weitzman

Manolo says, finally the Manolo has the picture of the super fantastic, super exotic shoes made by the Stuart Weitzman and worn by the Kathleen “Bird” York at the Awards of the Academy.

The Manolo he was expecting something spangly and bling-blingy, but in the stead, these they are wonderfully understated and rich, in the best sense of the word, and mosts luxurious indeed.