Project Runway 2, Finale Part 2

Manolo says, ayyyyyy! The winner it is the Chloe! And the Michael Kors is verklempt!

Both of these things they were completely unexpected to the Manolo, even after he had seen the collections on the runway.

Indeed, the main impression the Manolo took away from the collection of the Chloe was Aging Houston Socialite Gestalt. Yes, the dresses they were cleverly made, and the detail was very fine, but the problem for the Manolo was that he could see the same heavy, shiny, flowery material and the same poofy draping used as the window treatments in the 10,000 square foot custom MacMansion in the River Oaks.

Thus the Manolo has christened this the Ima Hogg Memorial Wannabe Collection.

As for the Santino, the Manolo thought that there were many beautiful pieces. And indeed, the Santino’s work, it was the prettiest of the three, and justified to some of the extent the Santino’s habitual preening. (As the Muhammad Ali says, it ain’t the bragging if you can do it.) Yes, there was the problem with the fitting of the garments, but at least the Manolo could see that it had the unified vision, albeit as the judges noted, it was the greatly subdued vision of the Santino.

Also the Manolo should note that he appreciated the Santino’s justification of his designs. The Chloe and the Daniel, they felt it necessary to discuss the “business” of the clothing. Bleech. Much to the preference of the Manolo was the Santino’s bold “Because I know beauty!” And although, the Manolo would perhaps disagree with the Señor Wickety-wack’s presumed knowledge of beauty, he could not find fault with the obvious passion behind such statements.

Oddly, at the end, the Manolo he felt sorry for the Santino, who seemed to earnestly believe that he was would be the winner. Such charming insouciance! And he loves his momma!

Ayyyyy! Santino all is forgiven! Now embrace the Manolo you big spiteful lug!

As for the Daniel, his collection was very much to the taste of the Manolo. (Excpet for that stupid dingly-dangly tassely thing between the breasts that left the Micheal Kors in his hibutual state of mock outrage.)

The clothes of the Daniel were beautiful, accomplished, and very sophisticated. As the Manolo has said, the Daniel is the master of taking the familiar shape and adding the slightest, most subtle change and thus making it slightly different and better.

For the example, the beautiful cream swing coat looked like something we may have seen before, but it was in the stead fully Daniel’s. The neck, the cuffs and the placement of the buttons make this coat special. It had the beautiful movement, it flatters the shape, it flows. (And here the Manolo should note that the Santino’s clothes also had the beautiful movement, while the Chloe’s seemed stiff and overly constructed.)

To some of the extent, the Manolo thinks that the Daniel was ill-served by his inability to articulate in front of the judges his vision and motivations. He has the exceptionally refined eye, but his vocabulary has not kept pace with his substantial ability as the designer. Happily, in the real world such things do not matter; the clothes stand on their own.

Finally, the Manolo must say that the Jay McCarroll still stands out as the best of the designers to have emerged thus far from the Project Runway. His collection last year may not have been exactly to the Manolo’s personal taste but it had the powerful and unique point of view, one that still impresses the Manolo more than one year later.

Ayyyyyyyyy! Nine more long months until the Project Runway returns!

P.S. And now what shall the Manolo do with his Wednesday evenings? He looked at the Top Chef for five minutes before he decided that all twelve of the contestants, together with the Billy Joel’s wife should be locked in the shipping container and dropped into the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean.

Pucci for the Thursday

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Manolo says, whenever the Manolo finds that he is in need of the good cheer he has only to look at the shoes such as this, for as we know, Pucci makes the smiles!