Why Bloggers Blog

Manolo says the Manolo he has been mentioned in the Australian newspaper in the article entitled Why Bloggers Blog

Although not on the same level as Salam Pax, a more recent example is that of the anonymous Manolo’s Shoe Blog (http://www.shoeblogs.com), a blog about “fashion, celebrity and Manolo” and comes with the disclaimer that it is not written by revered shoe designer Manolo Blahnik.

Why does the Manolo blog? Because he wishes to share with his many internet friends his love of the shoes! It is as simple as this.


Hasselhoff, Humanitarian!

Manolo says, this it is why the Manolo loves the Hasselhoff. Yes, many may mock, and he has had the personal problems, but the Manolo knows that his heart it is in the correct place, and that he uses his great fame and enormous talent for good.

And, what could bring greater joy to the sick child than the acapella rendition of this Hasselhoffian masterwork?

What the Manolo Is…

Manolo says, it is once again the Tuesday, time for us to see what the Manolo is…





It is not the secret that the Manolo loves the celebrities, even the most minor ones, and that he frequents those places where they may be seen in their natural habitat.


Manolo says, Ayyyyyy! The Shoe Blog of the Manolo it has just this morning had the 2,000,000th visitor!

We live in such wonderous and happy times, when the ridiculous little man who loves the shoes can find so many friends in so many different places in such the short time.

Truly we are all blessed, but none more so than the Manolo, who each morning wakes up thankful for those many, many kind peoples who have read and supported his humble efforts.

Such peoples are indeed most super fantastic!

Monday Morning Bargain!

Z5510c from Tapeet by Vicini     Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, here is the handsome faux-crocodilo, round-toed pump from the Tapeet by Vicini, perfect for wearing to the office with the smart skirt. Even the better it is on the sale, 58% off of the usual price, the savings of over $200 of the American dollars!


Manolo says, the Manolo he has the new hero…Pjotro!


Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, the latest column of the Manolo it is available for the downloading at the website of the Express of the Washington Post.

Today, the topic it is the shoes for the pregnant lady.

Dear Manolo

I’m expecting a baby in early October. This is lovely and wonderful beyond words, but I’m not looking forward to enduring my third trimester and the inevitable swelling of the feets. Any suggestions for low-heeled, fashionable, office-appropriate shoes that will not look and feel like torture devices when the edema hits?


Manolo says, the Manolo he has so much sympathy for the working pregnant ladies he occasionally encounters on his strolls around the big city.

Often he wishes he could spirit the most oppressed looking of these women away to the African resort country of Namibia for the final trimester of gestation. There they could luxuriate in the pampered comfort, while being served the exotic meals of the macrobiotic ice cream and the holistic pickles in the company of the hunky Hollywood dimwits, who would provide the frequent foot massaging using only the finest of the crocodile-based unguents.

But, sadly, the Manolo he does not possess such extravagant resources, and so all he usually does is to suggest to these uncomfortable ladies of pregnancy that they “take it easy, deary”, the same advice provided by generations of the elderly Jewish grandmothers.

As for the shoes, the Manolo must sadly inform his friend that her feets they will never be the same again, that although the swelling will recede after the birth, they will always be somewhat larger. And so, prepared with this knowledge, the Manolo would recommend the quality shoe that can be worn postpartum, such as this classic loafter, the Linkedperf from the Stuart Weitzman, which is available in the wider widths for the swelling feets.

Linkedperf by Stuart Weitzman    Manolo Likes!  Click!

The Next Carnivale of the Couture!

Manolo says, the Sewing Divas they have posted the topic for the next Carnivale of the Couture!

For many of us fashion bloggers, the latest styles and upcoming trends are an exciting and endless source of interest. And yet for all its supposed superficiality, the meaning of fashion, and our attachment to it, goes much deeper than mere trends or seasonal change. Each of us has memories, sometimes tender, sometimes not, of particular garments or accessories that evoke strong feelings and attachments. So this weeks Carnivale of the Couture topic is “Ritual Cloth” – tell us about your special item, the story behind it and why it transcends mere fashion for you.

This it is the beautiful, and potentially meaningful topic, and so you must contribute to this Carnivale if you are the blogger of the fashion.

And now, here is the list of the participants of the upcoming Carnivales of the Couture.

Week of the Monday, June 19th – About Shoes
Week of the Monday, June 26th – Style Bard
Week of the Monday, July 3rd –ShoeSense

If you are the blogger who would like to take part in this weekly celebration of the fashion blogging please send the Manolo the email. As for how to host the Carnivale, the Bargain Queen she has written the very perceptive and help hints about the process of hosting the Carnivale of the Couture.



Manolo says, this it is the most significant piece of film you will see this year.

P.S. Many thanks to the Srah for sending the Manolo the link to this work of distilled genius.


The Dandruff of Evil!

Manolo says, our very own Almost the Girl, she has the close encounter with the Dandruff of Evil!


Thunder Lizard, Shatner

Manolo says, at the request of the Manolo’s sharp witted internet friend the sois_disant, the Manolo has added to the herd.


Thunder Lizards, Separated at Birth

Manolo says, ayyyyyy! When dinosaurs ruled the Earth!

P.S. You must click on the photo on the left to see who this is.

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