To Infinity and Beyond!

Manolo shouts, Galliano!!!!!

P.S. Of the course, in the absense of the Manolo, the Izzy had already made the hilarious comment.

The Next Carnivale of the Couture

Manolo says, Ayyyyyyyy, Ayyyyyyy, Ayyyyy!

All of the this travelling this week and the last has resulted in the Manolo neglecting to properly organize and publicize the Carnivale of the Couture!


Please forgive the Manolo this lapse.

And now the Manolo must rectify his mistakes. And he belives that the best way to do this it is to push back the Carnivale for the single week. So that this next week, that of the July the 10th, it shall be the carnivale at the Shoe Sense blog, and in the following week, that of the July 17th, it shall be at the Fashion Incubator blog.

Again, many apologies to both of these wonderful bloggers for the mistakes of the Manolo

And so, here is the link to the topic from the Scarpediem at the Shoe Sense blog, , which shall be the topic for the Carnivale in this coming week.

Here is the topic, itself.

What is the proper attire for 4th of July?

In other words, can you be festive without being tacky? What does a fashionable woman or man wear while overloading on hot dogs and fireworks?

The answer of the Manolo it is yes, of the course it is possible to dress in the festive manner without being considered tacky.

For the example, for this Fourth of the July, when the Manolo celebrated those things that make one proud to be the American, even if it is by the adoption rather than the birth, the Manolo appeared at the party in the casual blue suit with the white shirt and the red tie with small white stars.

Festive and emphatically not tacky, no?