Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, the latest column of the Manolo it is now available for the downloading at the Express of the Washington Post website.

Today, the topic it is the flat-feeted waitresses.

Dear Manolo,

I have a “friend” who works as a cocktail waitress. She also has flat feet, incredibly flat feet, and she wears a size eleven. Of course, she can’t find anything that’s attractive and will fit her orthotics. Please help my friend.


Manolo says, ayyyyyyy! To be the cocktail waitress of the big flat feet, the Manolo can think of few situations more difficult.

It is the sad fact that the waitresses of the cocktails they are judged and rewarded to some of the extent on their personal attractiveness (but are not we all?), and yet if one is forced to be clomping around in the great pain because of the deformity of the feets, the phrase “whisky sour” would perhaps take on the whole new meaning.

Indeed, nothing can make the Manolo’s beloved Kir Royale turn to the bitter liquid ashes in the mouth like the unpleasantness of the server.

And so, in the interest of the good taste, the Manolo would recommend to the “friend” of his friend Sarah, the pair of the traditional heeled dance shoes, such as the Professional Footlight by the Capezio. These shoes, which are available in the large and wide sizes, they are specifically designed to be comfortable and attractive under the most arduous conditions.

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