The Next Carnivale of the Couture

Manolo says, the topic for the next Carnivale of the Couture it has been posted at the very smart website of the Fashion Incubator.

Tell us about the most technically complex garment you have either owned or constructed, describing it’s unique features. Feel free to include photos if you have them.

This it is the marvelously thoughtful and important question.


Manolo says, Ayyyyyyyyyy! The Manolo he is most emphatically not the Baubé

Has anyone received the Fall “Book” from Neiman Marcus? There is a cosmetics insert with a cartoonish hairstylist/makeup artist character by the name of Baubè in it. And Baubè “speaks” eerily like our beloved Manolo.

And if The Manolo has the gig writing the parlance and the patois for this Baubè character, “bravo,” I say.

It’s pretty cute, it’s funny, it’s well-illustrated and I hope it pays buckets of dough.

If he doesn’t have the gig, and I kind of think not (he’s more erudite than this Baubè character could ever hope to be), he’s being ripped-off. It’s a pretty egregious and blatant rip and for a few moments there I was thinking of suggesting he lawyer-up.

But WWTMD? What Would The Manolo Do?

But, the beautiful and funny Susanna the Bling Blogger, she already knows the exactly correct answer to what the Manolo would do.

He would laugh. He would be flattered. He would saunter respectfully past the offerings of Baubè for the super-fantastic shoe selections at Neiman Marcus. He would go to Giorgio for dinner. And so it would be.


There are many who in the past have attempted to imitate the Manolo. Mostly, the Manolo he has regarded these imitations as the amusing, if sometimes poorly executed, form of the flattery, to be enjoyed as such.

This it is how the Manolo regards this Baubé

Although, it must be pointed out that, for many reasons, this fictional Baubé he cannot be the Manolo, as the Manolo he does not have the tattoos; would never wear the tail of the pony on his head; has the much better command of the language and the style; and of the course, would never appear in the public barefeeted!

Ultimately, Baubé he is simply one more homage to the wit of the Manolo.