The Blogs of Wore?

Manolo says, the Manolo he has been mentioned in the article about the fashion blogs in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Writing in his signature Latino accent, Manolo the Shoe Blogger (www says, “There are beautiful and alluring shoes for every sort of the foot, even those feets which are perhaps not so perfect.” Birkenstocks, however, leave him aghast: “Put together by the blind medieval monks for wear by the peasants of the mud.”

And here is something about the Manolo’s about the very astute and very funny Ms. Spirit Fingers.

On a good day, Spirit Fingers draws 3000 readers, evenly split between males and females, aged 20 to 40, and not all of them fashion compulsives. Alongside brides gone awry, the young Australian expat in Hong Kong, who prefers to remain anonymous, attacks Laura Ashley, monogrammed handbags and ill-advised outfits at Paris and Ukraine fashion weeks, while relishing products such as breast-enhancing chewing gum.

Warning her fans against donning head-to-toe logo-a-go-go attire, Spirit Fingers doesn’t consider herself an altruist. “I’d be quite surprised if readers construed my blog as fashion advice,” she says. “I don’t think I’m performing any great service to the community by giving shopping and fashion tips. I’m always willing to impart what little I know.”

You must go read the whole article.