The Awards of the Emmys

Manolo says, each year the Manolo he has roughly the same reaction to the Emmys, “who are these peoples?”

The Manolo he does not watch much of the popular televsion, not because he is one of those annoying holier-than-you peoples who scorn the popular entertainment, but for the opposite reason, because he loves the television too much. And thus, the Manolo must forgo the television watching, lest it becomes all he does, every day.

The result it is that the Manolo knows few of the peoples who each year attend the Emmys, to accept the awards for the shows he never watches, shows such as “Everybody Loves the Tall Guy and His Sassy/Difficult Family”, “Two Has-Beens and Their Man Child”, “Dead Body Poking” and the popular off-spin, “Dead Body Poking: Miami” the latter of which, the Manolo knows, stars the Master Thespian, David Caruso.

But, despite this ignorance, the Manolo feels still the obligation to his many internet friends to make the brief comments about the Emmys and those who attended them.

Here for the example, is the prime specimen of the species homo televisionius, the rare domesticated creature who is unable to flourish in the wild, but is paraded ceremonially on these occasions.

Clearly back on the hooch.

Look, it is the Botox Angels!

Speaking of the plastic surgery and its victims.

You should hope you look this good at 80!

Ayyyyy! It is the Hilton Sisters, Paleface and Bronzer.


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