Non-Pump, Non-Pointy, Non-Boot, Non-Sneaker Shoe

Manolo says, sometimes the Manolo gets the most detailed questions from his internet friends.

Hello Manolo!

I am 28 years old, and I work at a university in an office where the dress is casual. When I say “casual”, I mean that even my boss and the department chair wear jeans regularly. I love pairing fashionable jackets, shawls, and sweaters with nice jeans or khaki or dress pants, but I’m at a loss for variety in the shoe styles that can be worn. I have a pair of brown croc(not the hated crocs, but faux crocodile)-patterned pointy pumps that I like to wear, and some black ballet flats, and a pair of black loafer-style shoes (that are not ugly!), but I’m on a burnout cycle with these pairs. I have boots in black and tan, but what I want is a non-pump, non-pointy, non-boot shoe that is not a sneaker to wear with jeans and sweaters or jeans and jackets. Very picky description, I know. I’ve been out shoe shopping several times and have seen nothing that fits my criteria that is not also ugly. I had a pair of shoes for four years that I wore until they were no longer wearable that were similar to what I now want – they were black, round-toed, had a leprechaun-like buckle and strap, and a 2-inch slightly chunky square heel. They were perfect, but alas, they have passed on to good shoe heaven. I have a very, very hectic schedule, so I have to think through what shoes to wear each day of the week very carefully. Employee parking is quite far away from the building I work in. Two days a week I work from 8-5, then trek across campus (sometimes in inclement weather) to the library for classes (I’m getting my Masters of Library Science.) Three days a week, I go straight from my 8-5 job to my part time job. On class days, I can’t wear my pointy pumps because there is far too much walking involved, but I don’t want to look unfashionable, either! And, I’m all good with casual, but I can’t stand to wear sneakers to work unless it’s a designated office cleaning or furniture moving day. I probably will not be able to afford a super-expensive shoe, but what I want most are style suggestions. Thank you!

Casual Office Girl

Ayy yi yi! The Manolo’s head it is spinning right round, like the record, baby!

As far as the Manolo can tell his stylish and shoe-obsessed friend is looking for something like these from the Biviel.
464 from Biviel    Manolo Likes!  Click!
Although, the Casual Office Girl might be just exactly the sort of super fantastic girl who would appreciate the Rania from the John Fluevog.
Rania from John Fluevog    Manolo Likes!  Click!
Yes, as with all of the shoes of the Fluevog, it is unusual, and certainly not for all of the tastes, but it is also handsome and distinctive in the way that the Manolo’s friend may appreciate.