The Big Comeback

Manolo says, the Magnificent Hasselhoff is given the award for the “Big Comeback”?

But he never went away!

Manolo in the British Vogue

Manolo says, as the Manolo mentioned below, the Manolo’s internet friend the Linda Grant, who is the serious writer of no small ability, has written the article in the UK edition of the Vogue about her discovery of the fashion blogs, the article in which the Manolo’s humble shoe blog is talked about in the most flattering manner possible. Needless to say, the Manolo is most grateful to the Linda for her kind treatment of his ridiculous blog.

For the Manolo, however, there is one sentence that leaps out as being excatly correct, and explains why the Manolo is himself such the great fan of the blogs.

The delicious pleasure of the fashion blogs, I found, is that they can introduce you to interesting personalities; people who by rights ought to have their own newspaper columns.

This it is so perfectly true!

The Manolo reads the blogs primarily because he finds certain bloggers to be such fantastically interesting and quirky peoples.

Yes, there are many, many boring blogs that are not worth the second reading, but when one discovers the new writer who is sharp and has the unusual and amusing point of the view one becomes addicted, and returns to the site over and over again waiting for the new material to appear.

These talented bloggers can write about any topic and the Manolo would read them, that they would write about the fashion is just the extra fancy cherry frosting on top of the cake.

The Manolo has attached the scanned copy of the article so that those of his internet friends who do not live in the UK may read this article for themselves.